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How to use Twitter hashtags for your business effectively

To use Twitter hashtags effectively for optimising your business account. You will learn how to use Twitter trending hashtags professionally in a few easy ways.

twitterSandesh Lohakare Jul 16, 20227 min read


Sandesh Lohakare

Sandesh is a fresh content writer and editor. His interests include everything from technology to content development and digital business. In his spare time, he creates armature digital paintings.


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If you're not utilizing Twitter hashtags in your tweets yet, you're missing out on a range of great followers. As a company or brand, you're losing Twitter's tremendous potential.

Twitter hashtags help your account or tweets stand out from the crowd and increase the exposure of your account.

This article will teach you all about Twitter hashtags. Also, how to keep your newly formed Twitter hashtag trending.

There are a few innovative strategies to use when composing a tweet, and if you use them, your tweet has a decent chance of becoming viral and bringing a lot of attention to your Twitter account.

Table of Content

What are Twitter Hashtags 

Why are Twitter Hashtags important? 

What are Twitter Trending Hashtags 

Twitter Hashtags Manager 

7 Creative Ways to Use Twitter Hashtags 


What are Twitter Hashtags

A hashtag is created by adding a "#" to the beginning of an unbroken word or phrase on Twitter, When you include a hashtag in a Tweet, it is connected to all other Tweets that contain it.

A hashtag adds context to your Tweet and helps readers to easily follow subjects that interest them.

On Twitter, hashtags allow you to join discussions, stay connected to what's going on, and become more discoverable.
Hashtags on Twitter may be thought of as distinct generated subject groups that you can follow based on your interests. Visit Twitter Hashtags to learn more about hashtags.

Why are Twitter Hashtags Important?

Hashtags help people locate and follow what they're interested in by grouping Tweets and discussions around a common theme.

When someone searches for or clicks on a hashtag, they will be able to see all of the profiles and public postings that include that hashtag.

Hashtags, in essence, make your information searchable and organize it into subjects. When you use hashtags to participate in topics such as industry conversation or Twitter trends, it will show up when others search for that hashtag.

You may increase the discoverability and reach of your content by making it available to a larger audience outside of your current followers.

Twitter Hashtags can increase engagement by almost 100% (2x) for individuals and 50% (1.5x) for brands. Therefore embedding or creating hashtags could be one of the great ways to grow your Twitter account and tweets engagement.

When you use hashtags to participate in topics such as industry conversation or Twitter trends, it will show up when others search for that hashtag.

You can easily view the Twitter trending by clicking on Explore on the left side o the feeds. Once you enter the explore section, you will locate the trending button on the upper bar.

Basically, whatever issue is hot or recent, it might be connected to any particular story, and it will be featured on top if a large number of Twitter users tweet about it and tag their tweets with hashtags.

When numerous Twitter users use the same hashtag at the same time, the hashtag rises to the top of the list and becomes a trending hashtag.

Twitter Hashtags Manager

We all know that research is an essential component of any system's ability to function smoothly and efficiently. You can't disregard hashtags research when it comes to effective tweets and audience engagement on your Twitter account.

Creatosaurus - All in one creator Workplace

Creatosaurus is the one-stop solution for creators if you are handling any social media platform and have never tried the Creatosaurus, you will be missing a lot.

Creatosaurus provides you with the hashtag manager.

It will help you to research and analysis every single Twitter hashtag. All you need to do is sign up on Creatosaurus. Click on the Hashtag Manager, Connect your Twitter account and begin with the search.

Creatosaurus, got you there.

Hashtags Manager allows you to stack and save your frequently used hashtags, so you are never left behind. Simply create a group and save your Twitter hashtags in it. So next time you need those hashtags, you just have to open ceratosaurs and click on that created particular group.

7 Creative ways to use Twitter Hashtags

1. Hashtags Research

As discussed in the early paragraphs, how important is research while taking action. Similarly, before beginning to type a tweet with any hashtag, do the same thing on Twitter.

With the hashtag management tool, you should conduct thorough research on hashtags.

Using the wrong hashtags can lead to your post going nowhere. It has been observed that using irrelevant hashtags can reduce the likelihood of your post receiving likes.

The reason for this is that it will not be visible to a large audience, and as a result, your tweet and Twitter account will be less visible.

Since we are promoting our brand, company. It is significant to follow what our brands speak. Because companies have a few sets of values, which we include in our Twitter bio, it is our creative role as marketing managers to tie those values or phrases with popular hashtags.

There will be various subject hashtags trending every day, but choosing the right crowd will make a difference; you must examine which Twitter hashtag will include your audience. So, if your brand uses that hashtag, you may get followers.

3. Promoting Brand Campaigns

When it comes to promoting a brand campaign in novel methods, all of your creativity is stored here. Integrating such campaigns with your audience is a difficult undertaking, but if you come over and design the finest campaigns, your audience will follow them regardless, giving you tremendous exposure.

One of the best examples is RedBull

I loved its marketing strategy,

The 2015 RedBull #PutACanOnIt marketing campaign went viral nearly immediately, resulting in a flood of user-generated content. It worked because it was enjoyable and allowed people to express themselves creatively.

It sparked so much user-generated content that it drew a lot of attention to RedBull at no expense to them; users were just doing an effort for them.

They only had to post some of the greatest stuff made by users, which they could access by searching for a particular hashtag.

That’s how you can be processed with your branding campaigns and take it to the next level.

4. Support Cause

Everyone must preserve a sense of social responsibility. Social responsibility is an ethical paradigm in which an individual is required to collaborate and engage with other people and organizations for the good of the community.

And so does its brand's duty too. Therefore identity and search for the Twitter hashtags of the good causes and follow them by making some content in the support of it.

These ideas will not only make your benefit but people will also be aware of particular social causes.

This example shows the support for the #lgbt community.

5. Follow Culture

As we know Twitter is an effective communicating community. There are various cultures you can choices to join on Twitter.

For example, if you’re brand is related to health or medicines, you should definitely follow those kinds of groups who always post a tweet about health regarding.

This will assist you in reducing your responsibilities, such as conducting extensive research on Twitter hashtags.

As an example, your company may create some fantastic yoga day content even with the help of the best AI-driven tools on International yoga day and tweet them using yoga day trending hashtags.

There are plenty of examples available out there, but you have to select appropriate Twitter trending hashtags to follow.

6. Celebrate Events and Occasions

When it comes to handling social media thoroughly, you must adhere to each and every major day in order to connect with your audience. After all, consistency is the key to success, therefore your Twitter account should applaud each relevant significant event you come across.

Be sure to celebrate most of the events which are relevant to your brand. Make some creative posts with the help of Muse and post its tweet to communicate and interact with your people.

7. Join Trendy Challenges

You will find so many challenges every week or every day goes on Twitter, all these challenges are followed with the Twitter hashtags. As a brand manager, you have to search for Twitter trending challenges and pick relevant challenges for your product or brand.

And come up with some incredible advertisements or posters to promote that specific challenge. The more original it is, the greater the possibilities of it becoming viral and catching an audience.


I know you have now become an expert in putting the right Twitter hashtags. If you definitely follow this strategy to implement this in the right manner, you are already the winner of the Twitter hashtag game.

Still, you need 3 more additional things to make your tweet perfect with the Twitter hashtags

  1. The Twitter hashtag will make your tweet visible to thousands of people, but it is always liked if the content is very relatable or creative to engage the user. Therefore I recommend you make your post super attractive with the help of Creatosaurus Muse.

2. Apart from Twitter hashtags there are super more additional ways you have to  follow to grow on Twitter.

3. Practice and Consistently will lead you to success. Any tip you have read but    never made into practice won’t work. And to grow on social media is a game of  patience and practice. So keep experimenting and hustling, and let us know your progress on Creatosurus.

Article by
Sandesh Lohakare

Sandesh is a fresh content writer and editor. His interests include everything from technology to content development and digital business. In his spare time, he creates armature digital paintings.


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