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How to Write Great Twitter Bio like Pro

When someone looks at your Twitter account, the first thing they notice is your Twitter bio. Find the best examples and tips to create your Twitter bio.

twitterSandesh Lohakare Jun 14, 20227 min read


Sandesh Lohakare

Sandesh is a fresh content writer and editor. His interests include everything from technology to content development and digital business. In his spare time, he creates armature digital paintings.


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Your Twitter Bio is the one thing that makes your Twitter account stand out at first glance. This is because it reveals your personality in a few words, which shows the people or brand creativity.

Many companies and super active Twitter users take Twitter Bio seriously and strive to create a unique bio.

It has been tried and tested that having good Twitter bio ideas can help you boost your Twitter followers. But hang on! Don’t you worry, we are here to help you with it.

We will show you some of the best ways to create your Twitter bio.

Table of Content

What is Twitter Bio?

Why having a good Twitter bio is important?

7 Best ways to write your Twitter Bio

How to Write a Good Twitter Bio like Pro (Ideas & Templates)

Some of the great examples of Twitter Bio’s

Twitter Bio Templates example


What is Twitter Bio?

Twitter Bio is one of the parts which is asked while creating your Twitter account to describe yourself. It's listed on your profile besides your name and Twitter handle. You can change it whenever you want.

Source: Cristian Ronaldo's Twitter Account

You have a maximum of 160 characters when composing your Twitter bio.

As a result, you must use every available square inch to convey critical information. But in a fun manner, as Twitter suggests.

Why having a good Twitter bio is important?

Today, Twitter is used as a marketing tool, so as a value adder, we should use it to its full potential and understand each twitter corner.

An excellent Twitter bio gives your readers a sense of who you are and what type of content they can see from you.

Your Twitter bio, when used correctly, will be unique, assist you in building relationships, and attract the proper followers.

Your Twitter bio has just gotten a lot more important. Therefore getting started on Twitter and beginning to write a Twitter bio you should always remember these points and must add in your bio:

  • Introduce yourself by sharing your interest
  • What is Your Content on Twitter
  • Reason for being on Twitter
  • Redirect links (your websites, social media handles)

7 Best ways to write your Twitter Bio

1. Being Yourself

Introduce yourself to potential followers by informing them what you do. You can provide a quick description of your products or services, and essential brand characteristics.

Source: Bill Gates's Twitter Account

You can add your career goals or purpose for using Twitter. Share your interests, passions, beliefs, or whatever else you want to share.

2. Touches of Humour

You can introduce it in a bit funny or creative way just to impress your followers. Give people a taste of the flavour of your content.

Source: NASA's Twitter Account

You may always visit captionator to obtain some ideas for your writing.

3. Social Validation

It is always a good idea to add your greatest accomplishments. This shows your uniqueness and stands you out.

Source: Conor McGregor's Twitter Account

So make sure to include any noteworthy accomplishments you have.

4. Right Keywords

Keywords are very important when people search for you on Twitter. Consider what your target audience is looking for, and then incorporate those keywords in your bio. Think of ideas that draw people towards you.

Source: PlayStation's Twitter Account

Twitter bios are searchable, Twitter bios are indexed by google. As a result, it is essential that you employ your keywords correctly.

5. Rid of Buzzwords

To stand out you should avoid buzzwords like “hustler, marketer, achiever, doer etc.” these are all common words and don’t seem 2022 words. I know you can think of some other cool words to stand out in the league.

You can mention multiple accounts with “@” and type the Twitter account name. This is the best way to promote your brand, product, or company through your account. It shows authenticity.

7. Add Some Emoji

Emojis might let you say more with fewer characters in your bio. They may also add a pop of colour and personality to your bio.

Source: Jennifer's Twitter Account

Some of the great examples of Twitter Bio’s

These are a few great examples of Twitter Bio we found out. These Twitter bios will give you an idea, of how you should be processed writing your awesome great Twitter bio.  

Twitter Bio #1: Nike

Nike's bio is led by a powerful social message. #BlackLivesMatter

Twitter Bio #2: Tim Cook

The CEO of Apple used emojis in his Twitter bio and flashy profile picture to make this profile stand out.

Twitter Bio #3: Billboard

They're tagging all of their Twitter accounts in order to promote their other accounts as well.

Twitter Bio #4: Taylor Swift

One of the most followed Twitter accounts Taylor Swift’s Twitter bio plugs her upcoming album.

Twitter Bio #5: MrBeast

If you watch MrBeast on YouTube, you'll recognise his Twitter bio; he's revealing what his true goal is.

Twitter Bio #6: Conor McGregor

One of the best MMA Champions, flashing his medal and achievements in Twitter Bio.

Twitter Bio #7: Hrithik Roshan

Hritihik’s Twitter Bio simply tells his mission for life.

Twitter Bio #8: Abhishek Upmanyu

Indian Comedian, His Twitter bio with a little touch of humour highlighted his profile.

Twitter Bio #9: Swiggy Food

Delivery Company. The company's marketing team takes it a step further by developing a highly clever cover photo for their profile, which looks great. This demonstrates that even cover photos may be utilised effectively. Check out muse to create such a cover photo

Twitter Bio #10: Oyo

Asia’s biggest Hotel and home brand has showcased its Twitter bio with the brand message.

Twitter Bio #11: Lady Gaga

Used emojis and plugged her brand’s Twitter account as well as her upcoming album.

Twitter Bio #12:  Alexa

The bio is funny since it appears to have been written by a robot. Those who own an Alexa may also be aware that Alexa is lousy at puns and makes bad jokes when requested. So her tastes, combined with the science fiction series Star Trek, make sense for her.

Twitter Bio #13: Youtube

"Like and subscribe" is a great example of a witty remark that gets the job done right away. If you watch YouTube videos, you've probably heard content producers use those phrases since it helps them increase channel interaction.

Twitter Bio #14: Ellen DeGeneres

On social media, on television, and in real life, Ellen DeGeneres entertains us. She's a joy to watch. It's no wonder, therefore, that her Twitter bio is hilarious.

Twitter Bio #15: Elon Musk

No Twitter Bio is required when you own Twitter.

Twitter Bio Templates

You must already have an idea of what a Twitter bios should look like. However, only a few corporate sectors take this to the next level.

Fast food categories approached their brand promotion very personally on every media, including Twitter.

Here are 5 top Fast Food companies with their legit Twitter bios:

Source: McDonald's Twitter Bio
Source: Pepsi's Twitter Bio
Source: KFC's Twitter Bio
Source: Pizza Hut's Twitter Bio
Source: Dunkin's Twitter Bio


We've shown you how to create a Twitter bio and give you a few great recommendations on how to make your Twitter bio the star of your profile in these posts.

Hope you have gone through all the Twitter bio examples, I know they are super engaging ain’t they.

Now it's your turn to create an excellent Twitter bio for your profile by remembering these examples. And let us know at Creatosaurus.

Article by
Sandesh Lohakare

Sandesh is a fresh content writer and editor. His interests include everything from technology to content development and digital business. In his spare time, he creates armature digital paintings.


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