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Stay ahead of the curve with Top 10 AI-powered content writing tools!

Discover top 10 AI content writing tools for your business. This article will help you find the best AI content writing tool to automate your content creation.

...Anuja Srivastava May 30, 20226 min read


Anuja Srivastava


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Recently, many AI writing tools have been gaining a great deal of focus. In this overview, we will explore a few of the best AI writers available to offer you suggestions and help you get started.

Our recommended AI content writers are great at producing original content. You can pair Captionator AI content writing with specific SEO tools, such as Surfer SEO and Grammarly, to make sure you have content that's original to you and that will draw traffic.

Top AI content writing tools are:

Below is a listing of our top-rated word processors and AI content generator software for writers.

  1. Captionator- Creatosaurus
  3. Peppertype
  4. Headlime
  5. Rytr
  6. Jasper
  7. Copysmith
  8. Anyword
  9. Semrush
  10. Writesonic

Captionator- Creatosaurus

Use Captionator free in initial days. Reduce time spent on discovery and research to get one step closer to launch.

Captionator is the ultimate AI copywriting tool. You can create and edit your content easily and quickly with our template ideas among others to get your team moving faster on the project.

With our AI marketing tool,  stream content feedback and approvals, save on third-party project management tools and avoid endless feedback review meetings.


Create account freely.

Generate marketing copy with CopyAI’s automated creativity tools

Copy AI, also known as Copy AI, is another widely used and top-rated AI copywriting tool out there that is quickly growing in popularity. As the developers of Copy AI are publishing the tool publicly, their numbers for Twitter followers are tweeted for all to see.

Publishing software with a well-designed interface and a clear user journey also explains the numerous, enthusiastic user reviews of their service from Twitter users.

They've additionally used a complex document editor that both functions as a standalone program and can be combined with the existing short documents for more complex jobs.


Copy AI offers 7 days of trial, without paying any fees, without providing any credit card details. You can get 100 trial runs composed.

The Solo Plan is $35/ Month (Paid Annually).

Peppertype uses AI and the editing expertise of copywriters to enable you to write better content.

It uses a library of your favorite writing styles such as Confident, Confident, and Inspirational, choosing your selected stylistic style, then suggests a topic of relevance to your subject.

Click Publish, and your content is ready to use!


The starter plan is of $25 per month.


Comparable to other AI writing tools, you can use it to generate a number of types of content, including Web content, Facebook Ads, titles, ideas, and more.

The Headlime website comes equipped with an AI-powered landing page builder as well as handy prebuilt templates for different use cases.

Although there are over 1700 pre-designed templates, this company's team is ready to fulfill most copywriting requests, from composing directions to e-mails, including survey questions.


Individual Account costs $59 per month and $1500 in monthly credits with features included.

Website Business Plan from $399 per month for 3 team members (unlimited with all the features and collaborative input).


Rytr is yet another notable artificial intelligence writer that's generating plenty of buzz. Unlike most other premium AI writers, they have a free trial use period that allows you to sign up and use it for free each month.

Their unique features include the Chrome extension that allows you to use Rytr anywhere in your browser, making it easy to take advantage of while composing emails or social media posts.


Free one-year plan (5,000 characters per month).

Premium account $29 a month.


Jasper AI currently takes the top position in our with high-caliber long-form content writers and its ability to develop content with specified commands.

It's one of the most feature-rich options included in this listing for the best new ways of data processing. Head to over 50 templates to create all sorts of content, along with the ability to translate it all to more than 25 languages.

The tool operates with regular updates, and the team is adding new functions continuously to make it a valuable and all-in-one instrument for AI content writer needs.


The Starter Plan costs $29 per month.


Copysmith will use AI to write articles for your website, ads, product descriptions, and other content.

Copysmith makes it easy to quickly assemble quality content. With over 30 templates to choose from, including landing pages, Copysmith can aid with your content.

With Copysmith, your preferences determine how often Copysmith generates new suggestions, giving you greater control than ever before!

If you determine a title and blurb AIDA works to generate a write-up tailored to your request. Each AI article is unique, and you can edit it to your liking.


Copysmith supplies a generous 7-day trial with free legal counsel.


Anyword is a unique AI text generation software that provides predictive performance scores and AI-generated texts to aid content creators evaluate and selecting the best copy for pithiness.

Their data-driven copywriting method allows their clients to see a 20 -30 percent increase in conversion rate as compared to similar websites.


Starter Plan is $19 per month.


Semrush functions as a full-featured SEO tool and they've added a brand new component for authors to their tool. Semrush's authors chose to introduce the add-on function only after they realized SEO was a significant part of many content authors' work streams.

Among the auxiliary services available to help come up with article content would be to use Semrush.


A business plan costs $449.95 per month.


From Writesonic, you can generate excellent content on automated tools. Websites and organizations in fields such as marketing, sales, and e-commerce are utilizing Writesonic's article writing software.

With the assistance of Writesonic, you can create articles for your blogs as well as product texts for your products, digital advertisements, landing page designs, sales emails, and other promotional content.

Apart from this, it also offers a grammar fixer, readability checker, summarizer, content rephraser and expander features.


Starter plan costs $13.05 for one month (or $11.25 per month with an annual subscription) and provides access to all the features and constraints on a month-to-month basis with a $75 credit limit.


  1. Why you should Let AI Writing Content Tool your next blog post
  • Get copywriting help that's quick and easy to use
  • "Discover the Simple Secret to Generating Endless Content Ideas"
  • New Template-Based Design Makes Web Creation Easier Than Ever
  • "Make your long-form content stand out with our new editor!"
  • AI Text Generation Capabilities Can Now Translate Into 25 Languages!

2.  What are AI Copywriting tools?

Copywriting is an essential part of any marketing campaign. However, it can be a daunting task, requiring expertise in both writing and marketing. That's where ai comes in.

AI copywriting tools can help automate the process of writing persuasive and effective copy for your web or print campaigns. By relying on algorithms to generate content, you can free up your time to focus on more creative tasks, like coming up with new ideas or developing your strategy.

An AI content tool can be very convenient for composing content and for determining the information presented. These can be used for different sorts of compositions like research, summary, and rephrasing.

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