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The Top 10 Secrets to Explosive Twitter Growth

Learn the 10 best ways to grow your Twitter followers. This guide will show you how. Grow your Twitter following by using these 10 simple tips.

HelloAnuja Srivastava May 30, 20227 min read


Anuja Srivastava


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A larger number of followers means your organization will receive more attention, and interest in your content will be evident. Also, Twitter is a popular social network for engaging your audience. According to the Sprout Social Index, 59% of social consumers utilize Twitter on a daily basis, and 32% expect to see businesses utilize it more.

Tweeting is so expeditious and simple to use that it's practically the simplest solution to develop a social media presence from scratch. But how can ordinary citizens get the chance to start a Twitter account?

In the following guide, we'll demonstrate how to get Twitter Followers, whether you are struggling with such a task or are just registering.

Here's the top 10 tips to grow you twitter account

1. When in doubt, Tweet more often

2. Prioritize visual content whenever possible

3. Harness the power of hashtags

4. Engage with Twitter communities in your industry

5. Master the arts of tagging, Retweeting & replying

6. Signal yourself as a valuable resource via Twitter threads

7. Optimize your profile for new followers

8. Participate in Twitter chats

9. Funnel followers from beyond Twitter

10. Time your Tweets to perfection

1. When in doubt, Tweet more often

Compared to other photo-oriented social networks such as Instagram or Facebook, Twitter is more media-heavy and typically contains more video content. According to research from Rival IQ, the top 25  top-performing Twitter accounts post  12 times every week. That is more or less twice per day. Speed on the platform presents a challenge for brands, so there is a win-win opportunity to post more frequently without being excessively eager.

More tweets

As long as the site moves at pace, brands should never end up depriving themselves by only scheduling extraneous posts. The important thing here is that they know not only to promote their projects and change their patterns but to also keep diversifying the types of content they post. In today's world, anyone can attain an endless amount of new content. Postings by your followers. Relevant industry news.

2. Prioritize visual content whenever possible

Conventional opinion maintains that Tweets with images go about more often, are shared much more frequently, and receive far more Likes and Retweets than those without them. Brands should pay heed to the timing of their Tweets, contemplating whether or not they ought to work toward adding images to their substance. As long as text-based Tweets are right, there is absolutely nothing wrong with simply posting them, provided that the imagery is incorporated somewhere.

As you brainstorm posts and other sorts of content to publish, consider repurposing text-based posts into images using editing tools like Canva, Adobe Spark, or Venngage. Creating infographics (fact infographics experienced a 67% spike in the year 2020 and are among the most-shared content on Twitter). Videos (think how-tos, greetings, snippets from long-form content). GIFs, memes, and icons may also be effective.

3. Harness the power of hashtags

Trending Hashtags

You can use Twitter hashtags as a way to make your YouTube videos searchable, much like a way to optimize your website for search engine optimization. Amid images, posts with hashtags usually receive more engagement than those without them. Adding a hashtag to every Instagram post is a fairly simple strategy to boost the odds of followers discovering your account.

4. Engage with Twitter communities in your industry

This Twitter post is regarding how to obtain followers by making use of hashtags. In countless communities on Twitter you can locate businesses and organizations using hashtags such as DTCfam, MarketingTwitter, PRTwitter, among others.

Communities of similar interests are organized in a variety of ways. Participating with communities by sharing advice or life lessons in a positive way to introduce new audiences to your account. Hashtag analytics can help you identify relevant communities relevant to your business.

5. Master the arts of tagging, Retweeting & replying

Getting more followers on Twitter doesn't require to be time-consuming; to truly achieve potency to it, you just need to invest your time appropriately. Sure, it is possible to and should post these that the Social Media composition makes them the most successful. At the same time, you don't want to take Twitter professionally to a bot.

If you are active in the social media space, you need to become involved in trenches with your followers, customers, and industry competitors alike. Regularly engaging with other users, retweeting, and replying to messages together through tagging lets other users know that you are a real human being and this generates more eyes on your brand.

6. Signal yourself as a valuable resource via Twitter threads

Twitter threads are a popular community feature in which businesspeople break down concepts and experiences in a chain of Tweets. They're comparable to blog posts written 280 characters at a time. A creative method of maximizing the capacity of a Twitter character limit of 280, threads are often brimming with discussion.

In contrast to typical questions or question Tweets, threads are commonly indicated with this thread icon (see the image below). They can also be described by how many Tweets are in the thread chain. For example, the first Tweet in a thread can consist of (1 × 6) and (6 × 6), indicating there are 6 Tweets in total.

7. Optimize your profile for new followers

Before your content and engagement strategies, there are several simple steps to make your profile less frustrating for newer followers. From enhancing your social media account to minimizing unnecessary components, there are numerous methods for improving your Twitter profile.

Twitter for desktop
Twitter Home Page

A professional profile photo, free of obstructions. It is for a personal account, though high res company logos are also acceptable. Relevant tags, industry keywords, and location information should be added. You should fill out your profile by providing information about what you do, what your title is, what companies you work with, and where you operate.

8. Participate in Twitter chats

Twitter chats not only help boost your charm, but they allow both local leaders and industry influencers to display what they know to sponsor a following and achieve new followers. Chats occur on a regular basis and are tagged with a hashtag (for example, #ContentClubUK or #SproutChat).

The more often you actively participate in chat threads, the more well-known you will become in your brand community as well as your chat itself. Particularly for newcomers, chats are usually going to have a much larger potential platform than the platform you are utilizing.

9. Funnel followers from beyond Twitter

The most critical step to increasing your number of Twitter followers is marketing your profile beyond the platform itself. Many brands, along with making them part of the website, also boost them via their main website footer. Including your Twitter account in the marketing emails you send to clients.

10. Time your Tweets to perfection

To maximize your chances of gaining new Twitter followers, don't post your Tweets while you're sleeping or during times when your audience is active. Sprout recently conducted research on the ideal time period to post on social media, and the results showed that brands nearly always attain the most interactions on weekdays during the middle of the day and early evening hours.

Twitter Splash screen
Twitter feed

Throughout your Twitter feed, you might discover times when tweeting at particular times earns more followers and new interactions. Opting for the perfect time to post and interact is therefore key to increasing your general Twitter feed activity. Firing off a tweet or replying to a Tweet at the right time can substantially increase both your followers and your interactions.

If you want to see explosive growth on Twitter, implement the 10 tips listed in this article. Not only will you see a surge in your number of followers, but you’ll also be able to build better relationships with your audience and create a powerful marketing tool for your business. So what are you waiting for? Start following these tips today!


  1. What is twitter?

Twitter is a social networking service where users can send and receive short messages, called "tweets." Tweets are limited to 140 characters.

2. How do I tweet?

There are a few basic steps you need to follow in order to tweet:

i. Sign up for a free Twitter account at

ii. In the navigation bar on the left side of the screen, click on “Profile” and then “Settings.”

iii. Under the  Privacy and Safety section, make sure that  Change your Twitter password every 90 days is selected.

iv. Click on  Save Changes.

v. Click on the  Tweet button and type in your tweet.

vi. Click on the  Tweet button again to publish your tweet

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