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God decided to create a world where free will was more important than no one ever getting hurt. There must be something stunningly beautiful and remarkable about free will that only God can truly grasp, because God hates, literally abhors, evil, yet He created a world where evil could happen if people chose it.

- Dee Henderson

Curiosity was a bad character trait for a private investigator to have. It created work.

- Dee Henderson, Before I Wake

God gave Adam and Eve that free will and choice. He gave them one warning: eat of any tree that is here, including the wonderful tree of life, but don’t eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil…I wish Adam and Eve had thought more about what knowledge meant. Eve saw it as a good thing, to know more. But how do you really know something? You experience it

- Dee Henderson, Taken

If he didn’t love so deeply, he couldn’t grieve so deeply. But he’s drowning in it.

- Dee Henderson, The Protector

A romance book is designed to tell you something about love–its ability to endure, forgive, go the extra mile, care about someone, put someone else first.

- Dee Henderson

You need time for the grief to heal, for the memories to fade in sharpness, time to adjust your expectation for the future. Be gentle with yourself, you'll make it.

- Dee Henderson, The Guardian

They talked in the shorthand of old friends and shared memories.

- Dee Henderson, Before I Wake

God is good, and I love Him. Right now, God is permitting a very hard thing. Why, I don't know, but I still trust Him.

- Dee Henderson

I loved the fact there was a God who had made me, who had created everything around me. Jesus made sense to me. He’s real. He’s personal.”“He likes you,” Bishop remarked gently.“Exactly…I wasn’t smarted than He was. I adored Jesus for that fact. Every question I had, Jesus knew how to answer. That was such a relief. Not that He would always answer, but I knew I could search for an answer and find one, and it often felt like God was helping me go the right direction with my search.”“I’d bump into something cool God had made, and I’d promptly tell Him all about what I’d found and bombard Him with questions about it.

- Dee Henderson, Undetected

The sun appeared over the hillside. "I'm tired, Tom.""It's okay to go home,' he choked. "Hold my hand?"His arms tightened around her and his fingers interlaced with hers. She closed her eyes against the brightness. "I love you.""I love you too," he whispered. Jennifer died feeling the warmth of the rising sun

- Dee Henderson, The Healer

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