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Why do brands use Pinterest Idea Pins for marketing? (Guide + Examples)

Discover how Idea Pins are the marketing secret for brands on Pinterest. Learn how they boost awareness, engagement, and sales with creative visual storytelling. Are you tired of the same Pinterest marketing for your brands/businesses? With the standard pins algorithm, Pinterest became the most engaging platform in the era of social media marketing. It allows pinners (Pinterest-Users) to have a remarkable shelf life of pins, acting as a digital bookmark for the users to get inspired and ideas

May 19, 202410 min readHarshita Sharma
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Why your small business needs social media in 2024? [Guide+ Examples]

Social media is crucial in making your struggling small business grow. Learn social media marketing for your small business’s brand awareness and lead generation.   Started your small business in 2024? You need a beginner's friendly toolkit by Creatosaurus. As your time social media is also crucial for your small business.  While standing with your business in such a competitive landscape, you must catch the audience at the right place and permanently. This might sound difficult, but it becom

May 19, 202419 min readHarshita Sharma
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Social Media Ads: A Complete Guide to Paid Advertisements in 2024

Master social media advertising! This solid guide covers everything you need to start effective paid campaigns, reach new audiences, and boost social engagement. A click, scroll, and play! This is all around which our everyday routine is running. No, I’m not talking about your daily hustle routine. It’s the ‘SOCIAL MEDIA’ I’m demonstrating to.  Social Media has become the smooth path to connect, share, and consume information. But running businesses is a powerful platform to reach out to new

May 19, 202417 min readHarshita Sharma


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Social media calendar- The secret weapons of social media managers

Master your social media presence with a strategic content calendar. Learn how to plan content, pick posting dates, and stay ahead of the curve. If you are interested in other social media management tools, you can also check out: Inboxto be Analytics Muse (…Tough competition!)  No, I'm not talking about any game or a battlefield. It’s social media where everyone wants to win when it comes to posting. Every official/unofficial day is meant to be a major event.   As per the reports of Glob

May 18, 20249 min readHarshita Sharma
Social Media Marketing

Best Inspirational Social Media Campaigns to Assist You in 2024

Learn the best practices from the top Social Media Ad Campaigns to understand the strategy for boosting your brand and creating solid relationships with the audience.  (…Monotonous social media campaign strategies?) It’s possible to be out of ideas when you’re on your best projects like setting up a Social Media Campaign Strategy for a brand.  OR You thought the Social Media Campaign would be challenging but now you are finding it.  You need to understand first! Social Media is a spontaneou

May 18, 202414 min readHarshita Sharma
Social Media Marketing

Organic Social Media Growth in 2024: No Ads Needed

Struggling to grow your social media presence without ads? Discover powerful strategies for organic social media growth strategy in 2024. Learn how to craft engaging content, leverage the right platforms, and build a loyal community.  Social Media always shows its motion in increasing order. As being a powerful tool for connecting with audiences, building brands, and fostering communities. Recent data is estimated to be 5.17 Billion social media users worldwide whereas the average time internet

May 17, 20248 min readHarshita Sharma
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Social Media Hashtags: The Complete Strategy for More Engagement ( Tips + Examples)

Struggling to get noticed on social media? Find the perfect hashtags to boost engagement, reach new audiences, and push your social media presence. Discover the secrets to hashtag success! (…The more hashtags the more you get confused) Whenever you sit to post some photo/video to social media accounts you take minutes to choose between many. Is a hashtag that much important for social media posts? Should you even use them or not?  The right answer is: YES! Hashtags are one of the social medi

May 17, 20248 min readHarshita Sharma
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How to make social media strategy for election campaigns

Learn to make effective social media strategies for election campaigns. Attract your potential voters with this knowledge and succeed in political campaigns. In the era of digital age, social media and political campaigning go hand in hand. You would be thinking, how? Hi i am mayur Click mayur Hi i am malav Click malav Well! Social media is vital in promoting your political party in elections and attracting potential voters. Implementing the right social media strategies for election

May 17, 20249 min readBhoomi Singh
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How to do social media marketing for executives [Tips+ examples]

Learn the best executive social media strategies to grow networks and engagements with other industry personnel and boost social media pages organically. We live in the technology age. These days, the use of social media has become prevalent. As much as an employer needs social media branding, it is also important for an executive to have social media strategies for branding. You can positively influence your organization with the right social media strategy for executives. You can build stro

May 6, 20248 min readBhoomi Singh
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How to do social media employer branding [Steps + Tips]

Learn different ways to do social media marketing for employer branding. Build your employer branding through social media and attract efficient employees through social media. In recent years, employer branding has become very important for various companies and the topic people are talking about. Knowing about social media employer branding strategies would significantly boost your knowledge. If you want a role in a company, from where will you start your research from? You will go and sear

Feb 8, 202411 min readBhoomi Singh
Creator Digest

10 Lessons from Molly Burke’s Inspiring Life

Molly Burke is a blind YouTuber who shattered the stigmas and came out as a resilient person. Here is the list of motivational lessons you can learn from her life. Molly Burke is a YouTuber who grew her channel, an author, a model, and an inspiration to millions of people around the globe. She has built a safe place for the people who, in some way, are cornered in society. She was born in Toronto, Canada, on 8 February 1994. Her public speaking journey started when she was five, not knowing it

Feb 6, 20248 min readBhoomi Singh
Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing for Furniture Stores

Social media has become an integral part of every business in today's digital age. Furniture stores are no exception and are rapidly expanding their social media presence to reach a wider audience. According to the study conducted by Statista in 2019, we can see that online furniture sales are booming. Social media marketing for furniture stores is very efficient for increasing brand awareness, driving website traffic, and boosting sales. In this article, we will explore some of the most p

Jan 23, 20249 min readSakshi Bihani
Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing for Fashion Brands: Strategies & Case Studies

Social media has become a vital marketing asset for fashion applications. Experts anticipate that the worldwide online fashion industry will reach a value of $872 billion by 2023. Social media marketing for fashion brands involves creating engaging content and managing social media accounts. To manage your social media accounts easily and efficiently you can use social media management tools. However, with so much competition in the market, it can be challenging for fashion brands to stand ou

Jan 23, 202412 min readSakshi Bihani
Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing for Education: Tips & Strategies

In today's world of remote learning and emerging technologies social media marketing for education has become an integral part of education more than ever. With the help of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, educators can create engaging and interactive learning experiences inside and outside the classroom. Social media marketing for education involves creating engaging content and managing social media accounts. To manage your social media accounts easily and effi

Jan 23, 202413 min readSakshi Bihani
Social Media Marketing

The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Strategy for Event Promotion

It discusses various aspects of social media event promotion, such as building awareness, targeted marketing, real-time engagement, influencer collaboration, post-event feedback, and the steps involved in creating a social media plan for event promotion.

May 8, 202415 min readSakshi Bihani

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