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How to do social media employer branding [Steps + Tips]

Learn different ways to do social media marketing for employer branding. Build your employer branding through social media and attract efficient employees through social media. In recent years, employer branding has become very important for various companies and the topic people are talking about. Knowing about social media employer branding strategies would significantly boost your knowledge. If you want a role in a company, from where will you start your research from? You will go and sear

Feb 8, 202411 min readBhoomi Singh
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10 Lessons from Molly Burke’s Inspiring Life

Molly Burke is a blind YouTuber who shattered the stigmas and came out as a resilient person. Here is the list of motivational lessons you can learn from her life. Molly Burke is a YouTuber who grew her channel, an author, a model, and an inspiration to millions of people around the globe. She has built a safe place for the people who, in some way, are cornered in society. She was born in Toronto, Canada, on 8 February 1994. Her public speaking journey started when she was five, not knowing it

Feb 6, 20248 min readBhoomi Singh
Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing for Furniture Stores

Social media has become an integral part of every business in today's digital age. Furniture stores are no exception and are rapidly expanding their social media presence to reach a wider audience. According to the study conducted by Statista in 2019, we can see that online furniture sales are booming. Social media marketing for furniture stores is very efficient for increasing brand awareness, driving website traffic, and boosting sales. In this article, we will explore some of the most p

Jan 23, 20249 min readSakshi Bihani


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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing for Fashion Brands: Strategies & Case Studies

Social media has become a vital marketing asset for fashion applications. Experts anticipate that the worldwide online fashion industry will reach a value of $872 billion by 2023. Social media marketing for fashion brands involves creating engaging content and managing social media accounts. To manage your social media accounts easily and efficiently you can use social media management tools. However, with so much competition in the market, it can be challenging for fashion brands to stand ou

Jan 23, 202412 min readSakshi Bihani
Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing for Education: Tips & Strategies

In today's world of remote learning and emerging technologies social media marketing for education has become an integral part of education more than ever. With the help of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, educators can create engaging and interactive learning experiences inside and outside the classroom. Social media marketing for education involves creating engaging content and managing social media accounts. To manage your social media accounts easily and effi

Jan 23, 202413 min readSakshi Bihani
Social Media Marketing

The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Strategy for Event Promotion

In the current age of technology, utilizing social media has become essential rather than optional. When executed appropriately, social media strategy for event promotion can significantly increase attendance and provide attendees with memorable experiences. According to a study conducted by Statista, Daily time spent on social networking by internet users worldwide is increasing year by year. So it is very important to promote your event on social media for more reach. Social media event

Jan 23, 202415 min readSakshi Bihani
Social Media Marketing

Best Social Media Strategies for Airlines to Boost Engagement and Sales

Social Media is a tool to make marketing easy for any business. It revolutionized the way we see the marketing of products and services. Social media is a powerful marketing technique that businesses of all sizes can use to reach their target audience, build relationships, and drive sales. Social Media is most important for aviation and airline marketing, as it deals with high-involvement products like Air Tickets. Let’s learn about the prominent social media strategies for airlines and how su

Jan 23, 202413 min readHarshita Sharma
Creator Digest

Social Media Strategy for Artists to Grow Your Audience and Showcase Your Art

With billions of users worldwide, social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter offer artists the opportunity to connect with potential fans and buyers from all over the globe. According to the research paper of the UNIVERSITY OF ARTS IN BELGRADE the Internet is considered the most suitable for marketing by 91% of respondents. TV (Television): TV is considered suitable for marketing by 72% of respondents. Printed Press: A printed press is considered suitable for marketing by 67%

Jan 23, 202415 min readHarshita Sharma
Social Media Marketing

8 Social Media Marketing Strategies for E-commerce Businesses

An individual runs a business of garments—ladies' wear, gentle’ wear, kids' wear, and more. This business is good enough to cover high sales, audience reach and connections, and steady brand awareness. For all these benefits, what is the most essential step the individual has to take for his or her business? The answer is Marketing for E-commerce! Emphasize high ROI: Boasting an impressive ROI, newsletters, and email marketing are a hit with businesses, with 68% calling them a top-notch or ef

Jan 23, 202416 min readHarshita Sharma
Social Media Marketing

Social Media Strategy for EdTech Businesses- Examples+ and Tips

Social Media Marketing Strategy can be utilized in any field of work. And Educational Technology (EdTech) is a transforming field in modern-day life. If you want to keep up with your competitors in the market for Educational Technology (EdTech) then a social media strategy for marketing educational businesses is an effective way to succeed. Social Media provides different channels to promote your EdTech Business- social media engagement with your audience, running paid ads, and doing marketin

Jan 22, 202411 min readHarshita Sharma
Social Media Marketing

Unlock the Power of Social Media Strategy for Financial Services

Social media has become an increasingly important tool for financial services firms to engage with customers, promote their brand, and drive business growth. There are several ways to use social media for financial services to achieve their goals. To optimize your social media marketing strategy for financial services you can use social media management tools to make your social media management simple and efficient. These tools will help you to save time and energy. According to the study c

Jan 22, 202412 min readSakshi Bihani
Social Media Marketing

8 Ways to Boost Social Media Marketing for Educational Institutions

Education has turned its pages from manual study material and the walking distance of schools or universities. After the COVID-19 pandemic, the Education Sector has shifted learning to online modes. Initially, students found the shift challenging. The impact of online education on learning remains a debated topic. So, when talking about online mode, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Social Media could be your answer to most of the points. High school seniors who preferred reading s

Jan 22, 202411 min readHarshita Sharma
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The Emma Chamberlain Effect: ‘How she’s redefining Gen-Z Content’

In the evolutionary era of online content creation, Emma Chamberlain is the common favourite ‘Gen-Z Content Creator’ among teenagers. By Sarah Sladek and Alyx Grabinger; Gen Z uses social media to connect with people around the world; our Parent Survey found that despite their young age, 34% of Gen Z are connecting online with friends in other states, and 13% are connecting with friends in other countries. Emma has blown the internet, winning the hearts and minds of Gen-Z, including moms. Emma

Feb 5, 20247 min readHarshita Sharma
Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing for Restaurants- Tips + Examples

Whether you’re a newly opened restaurant startup or a mature one with less customer traffic than before. What will be the next step for you now? According to A case study of restaurants based in the Oulu region: Finding Percentage  Social media has increased customer satisfaction with daily interaction with customers. 83% Respondents mentioned that negative feedback affects business. 67% Agree nor disagree with the fact that negative reviews in social media affect business. 16.67% Soc

Feb 2, 202410 min readHarshita Sharma
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Mr Beast - The Beast Philanthropy YouTuber

Beast Philanthropy is an American charity, non-profit organization, food pantry, and YouTube channel created by Mr Beast. Mr Beast had donated $1 Million Worth Of Food To Charities as of 2023. MrBeast has previously done a wide variety of things to assist poor and middle-class people. He has a goal of ultimately helping many people worldwide and feeding those in need. So he started “Beast Charity” to complete his goal of giving away free food to poor people. What is Beast Philanthropy? Be

Jan 8, 20246 min readSakshi Bihani

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