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5 quick tips for getting started with Creatosaurus

Hey, Creatosaurus is the best platform for creatives who want to improve their projects with powerful tools like a pro graphic design editor, stunning AI content generator, social media post scheduler and a lot more in one place. Its seamless collaboration with team members makes Creatosaurus the best option for any marketing professional or small business owner looking to impact today's digital landscape. Let’s see how to use Creatosaurus in 5 easy steps. We also have a little surprise for yo

Mar 12, 20236 min readTanishq Vaibhav
Social Media Marketing

101 Facebook User Statistics Engagement

According to the recent Facebook statistical reports, there are approximately 2.23 billion monthly active users on the social media platform, which is an increase of approximately 13 percent from the prior year. Additionally, there are about 1.71 billion daily active users on the site, which is also an increase of roughly 13 percent from the year before. As of yesterday, Facebook reports that there are more than 1.15 billion mobile daily active users, a rise of more than 21 percent from last y

Aug 29, 202212 min readAnuja Srivastava

Hiring A Digital Marketing Agency? 8 Factors To Keep In Mind

Deciding that you need a marketing agency is just the starting point. Or wait . . . If you still haven't got that out of the way, here's something you should take a look at — 12 signs its time to hire a digital marketing agency Figuring out which agency is the right fit for you is a whole new ball game altogether. Circling out the must-have criteria in a marketing agency can get hazy and time-consuming. Even if you know you want your marketing activities to be ultimately geared towards soari

Aug 31, 202212 min readSharmila Chowdhury


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109 Instagram will post intriguing stats & facts for 2022

Are you looking for the latest Instagram statistics to improve your Instagram marketing strategy? There are tons of posts out there about Instagram statistics. By and large, the majority of these stats come from dead sources. Luckily, this is a complete list of up-to-date Instagram marketing statistics in 2022. We will regularly update this page with the latest news we can find. The app was created in 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. Since its inception, Instagram was purchased by Face

Aug 28, 202217 min readAnuja Srivastava

Creator Economy Vs Passion Economy : A Quick Overview

There is no dearth of content in the digital space today. Be it blogs, podcasts, tutorials, web series, videos A simple Google search on something as random as 'tulip gardening tips' is all it would take for you to be treated to volumes of content laying out the ins and outs of it — each offering their own distinct takes on the subject. While marketers and SEO specialists have usually been at the giving end of content creation, there is no doubt that web 3.0 has branched out multiple avenues

Mar 25, 202312 min readSharmila Chowdhury
marketing agency

12 Greenlights For Hiring A Digital Agency Right Now

It won't come off as a surprise if you find yourself stroking your chin and wondering, "Do I need to hire a marketing agency?" — when you see your current marketing efforts doing nothing but gobbling away your resources. Suddenly, it also strikes that you have put all the bare bones of your business into their sockets — operations, sales, finance, HR, everything. With the next inevitable move of looking for corkscrews to crack open your bottle of free-flowing revenue staring you in the face.

Mar 25, 202315 min readSharmila Chowdhury

Digital Marketing Agencies Vs. Freelancers: Who's Better?

'A digital agency or a freelance marketer, who is the right fit for me?' Let's agree. This is the piece in the jigsaw puzzle of your marketing route that truly drives you bonkers. The part without which it is impossible to put your sales flow in place. Want to know how digital agencies bury their own pitfalls in the marketing game? Read to know more- why marketing agencies fail to grow A new entrant into the business world. A full-fledged corporation with a sizeable market share. A brick-and-

Aug 9, 202222 min readSharmila Chowdhury
Social Media Marketing

How To Upload & Change a Profile Picture On Instagram?

As of the earlier date, more women, specifically 51.6 percent, were active on the Instagram platform than male users. See more stats for that site here. Instagram has more than 2 billion active users. 64% of Instagrammers are under 34 years. Instagram profile pictures are a recent craze on the photo-sharing app. They're images of two or more people, typically taken in a close-up setting, with one person in the foreground and another in the background. They can be used for various purposes, inc

Aug 2, 20223 min readAnuja Srivastava
Social Media Marketing

How To Get More Likes And Comments On Instagram?

Instagram likes are a way to show your appreciation for someone's posts. If you want to show support for a post, you can either like it or comment on it. Liking a post shows that you appreciate what the person has posted and commenting on a post helps others know what you think of the post. According to data available as of 2010, Instagram is a photo and video-sharing site run by California software engineer and businessman Michel Krieger and computer programs engineer and former Google employe

Aug 1, 20226 min readAnuja Srivastava
Social Media Marketing

How To Get More Followers On Instagram?

Instagram is dominated by women: Over 60% of all users are female. This aligns with other social media platforms where women outnumber men. Instagram is popular among millennials: Statista found that 34% of all users are between the ages of 18 and 34. In this article, we will teach you how to get started building an impressive following on Instagram and increase engagement with your content. We will also provide tips on how to grow your follower base and make the most out of your platform. You

Aug 2, 20229 min readAnuja Srivastava

Marketing Agency Not Scaling New Heights? Here's Why

Suppose you have a new product all ready to hit the market. Your sales cycle has come to a halt and you cannot figure out the heads or tails of it. Your business is losing customers to competitors, and you are trying to figure out where it all went wrong. In such a scenario, you would want a marketing agency to be your knight in shining armour and set it right. However, it might seem like something as basic as selling your products and services should be a task that you can do on your own. Spen

Aug 9, 202213 min readSharmila Chowdhury
Social Media Marketing

Friend Request on Facebook: What Does It Mean?

The Facebook friend request features allow users to connect with friends and family by sending requests to join their network. The user can also search for friends by name or email address and add them as friends. Additionally, the user can view a list of friends who have accepted the friend request and those who have not. Want to connect to a Facebook friend? Once you’ve found a Facebook friend, all you need to do is visit their profile and click the “Add Friend” button on their profile! If yo

Jul 24, 20223 min readAnuja Srivastava
Social Media Marketing

How to Reactivate a Deactivated Facebook Account?

Some just follow their therapist's orders, whereas others would like to keep a clean record for potential future employers. In any case, deleting your Facebook account is advantageous. Remember that if you want to remove your account, there is a choice that enables you to do so without eliminating it forever. Consider deactivating your account for a week or so instead of immediately heading for the "delete account" webpage. It is a much smaller sticker than exploring an urgent deletion, and yo

Jul 24, 20223 min readAnuja Srivastava
Social Media Marketing

How to Add a Story to Your Facebook Page?

On this page, it's simple to put together a Facebook story, and it may have the potential of keeping you from changing algorithms that are consistently altering. Facebook Stories for pages are a wonderful method to reach your audience both online and on handheld devices. They will help you connect with people who have not watched an update from you in years. We know the Facebook reach of international Timeline is decreasing. So, could Facebook stories for Facebook Pages be a part of the soluti

Jul 22, 20223 min readAnuja Srivastava
Social Media Marketing

How to quickly and easily block someone on Instagram?

Instagram is a place where you can share photos with friends and family. If, however, you ever find yourself the target of harassing or trolling, the blocking feature can be a useful tool. Instagram does not offer users any indication or notification regarding whether they've been blocked or unblocked. Blocked users are prevented from messaging or following you and seeing your posts and stories. To block a user, you will need to go to their profile page, click on the three dots beside their na

Jul 21, 20222 min readAnuja Srivastava

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