Refund Policy

January 1, 2024

Please read the following Refund policy carefully

Upon opting for premium features within the Creatosaurus product & services, users are required to pay corresponding fees. Prior to payment, users will have the chance to review and accept the applicable fees. All fees are denominated in U.S. Dollars & Indian Rupees and are deemed non-refundable. Fee structures differ according to the selected plan, accommodating individual users, teams and organizations with distinct pricing schemes. Once fees are paid, no refunds will be provided. In instances where specific promotional offers are applicable, refunds may be provided as outlined in the terms of those particular promotions. Outside of such special offers, the general refund policy remains non-applicable, and fees for premium services are considered non-refundable. Users are encouraged to thoroughly review pricing details before committing to premium features. For further inquiries or clarification, please contact our customer support team.

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Please contact us at with any questions regarding this Agreement.