holly black Quotes

Three of them, dressed in silvery gray, on three horses—one black, one white, and the third red.

- Holly Black, The Darkest Part of the Forest

He must have been handsome when he was alive and was handsome still, although made monstrous by his pallor and her awareness of what he was. His mouth looked soft, his cheekbones as sharp as blades, and his jaw curved, giving him an off-kilter beauty. His black hair a mad forest of dirty curls.

- Holly Black, The Coldest Girl in Coldtown

Our tragedy is that we forget it might be someone else first.

- Holly Black, Black Heart

Nothing can happen more beautiful than death - Walt Whitman

- Holly Black, The Coldest Girl in Coldtown

When Tana was six, vampires were Muppets, endlessly counting, or cartoon villains in black cloaks with red polyester lining.

- Holly Black, The Coldest Girl in Coldtown

There's nothing quite as funny as someone else's misery - Cassel Sharpe

- Holly Black

Occasionally, there are battles in the sky. One likes to imagine the angels are always triumphant. One does not like to think of the ancient and terrible scales balancing the infernal and divine as wobbling back and forth. Tilting freely, to and fro. One does not like to think that sometimes it is the angel that falls.

- Holly Black, A Flight of Angels

Someone could cut through the mess in our house and look at it like one might look at rings on a tree or layers of sediment. They'd find the black-and-white hairs of a dog we had when I was six, the acid-washed jeans my mother once wore, the seven blood-soaked pillowcases from the time I skinned my knee. All our family secrets rest in endless piles.

- Holly Black, White Cat

She looks honestly upset, but then, I’ve learned that I can’t read her. The problem with a really excellent liar is that you have to just assume they’re always lying.

- Holly Black, Black Heart

She swallowed his blood, a dark vintage from some forgotten cellar. She felt like Persephone in Hades, pomegranate seeds bursting against her teeth, juice rolling on her tongue, and the more she had, the more she hungered.

- Holly Black, The Coldest Girl in Coldtown

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