marvin j ashton Quotes

While explaining God to his granddaughter Daska, Horace Dade Ashton said, 'God was everything she breathed and walked on, everything that lived, everything she saw, touched, and felt. God was in every one of us.

- Marc Ashton

High School: Oh, man. This is where boys and girls go from tweens to teens and become complicated and cruel. Girls play sick mind games; boys try to pull each other's penises off and throw them in the bushes. If you can, buy the most expensive jeans in a two-hundred-mile radius of your town and wear them on your first day. If anyone asks how you could afford them say that your father is the president of Ashton Kutcher. When they are like, 'Ashton Kutcher has a president?' answer, 'Yes.' Everyone will be in awe of you and you won't have to go through a lot of pain and cat fights.

- Eugene Mirman, The Will to Whatevs: A Guide to Modern Life

Your best T-shirt should be like your bed it just feels like you are home when you are in it.

- Ashton Kutcher

I think that romance sort of coincides with effort, so you can fall flat on your face, but as long as you're making a great effort, I think it comes off as romantic. So it can be something as simple as, like, if you're someone who doesn't cook, you can make a meal.

- Ashton Kutcher

I will not marry Ashton. However bound by honor to do so, I will not marry Ashton. I will not marry, ever!” “Why not?”“Because I love you, you idiot!

- V.S. Carnes

Bow down, I am the emperor of dreams.

- Clark Ashton Smith, The Last Oblivion: Best Fantastic Poetry of Clark Ashton Smith

I would say 90 percent of the stuff we do is technical anyway. If you look at a two-hour training day, 12 minutes are probably spent running or gaining fitness.

- Ashton Eaton

Brother, when you've been here as long as I have, you'll come to discover there are only one or two essential things worth living for. Unique to you and you alone. My honor is one of them for me. I keep my honor by keeping the relic out of their hands.

- Brodi Ashton, Neverfall

When I was 13, I had my first job with my dad carrying shingles up to the roof. And then I got a job washing dishes at a restaurant. And then I got a job in a grocery store deli. And then I got a job in a factory sweeping Cheerio dust off the ground.

- Ashton Kutcher

The goal is not to get into a relationship the goal is to be in a relationship.

- Ashton Kutcher

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