rachel caine Quotes

Welcome to Morganville.You'll never want to leave.And even if you do...well, you can't. Sorry about that.

- Rachel Caine

Married and buried, wed and dead.

- Rachel Caine, Prince of Shadows

And about Shane, I swear, if he doesn't snap out of it, I'm going to punch him in the face. Well, punch him in the face and then run like hell." - Eve Rosser

- Rachel Caine, Midnight Alley

Do be careful. I can't replace you as easily as all that.

- Rachel Caine, Bite Club

„We didn’t anticipate that the formula would trigger such a violent response. In the future, you’ll only receive the unprocessed raw materials.”“So it’s because I’m young.”“No,” he said. “It’s because you’re young and you refuse to acknowledge what you are. What it means. What it promises. You’re fighting your condition, and that makes it almost impossible for you to control yourself. You need to admit it to yourself, Michael. You’ll never be human again.

- Rachel Caine, Automatic

Oliver: Fear is the natural state of anything that dies.

- Rachel Caine, Last Breath

You are so lucky I'm too tired to murder you right now.

- Rachel Caine, Bite Club

„Oliver paused for a few seconds, then leaned forward with his elbows braced on his knees, pale hands dangling. “When I was . . . transformed, I thought in the beginning that I could stay with those mortals I loved. It isn’t smart. You should understand this by now. We stay apart for a reason.”“You stay apart so you don’t feel guilty for doing what it is you do,” I shot back. “I’m not like you. I’ll never be like you. Best of all, I don’t have to be.

- Rachel Caine, Automatic

I'm not obliged to defend your dignity. Provided you have any.

- Rachel Caine, Last Breath

I hate traveling with amateurs.

- Rachel Caine, Kiss of Death

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