apathy Quotes

It was nice of her to want to believe the best about me. People tend to do that with the strangers they're fucking. If she wanted to think that apathy and independence were the same thing, good for her. Maybe she was right.

- Paul Neilan, Apathy and Other Small Victories

Ferranti's thoughts had been his. As before he had understood his remorse so now he understood the mental chains that had imprisoned him. The poor wretch could not move. Misery had become apathy and apathy had brought the inevitable paralysis of the will.

- Elizabeth Goudge, A City of Bells

Fight Apathy! ... or don't.

- Fallout New Vegas Graffiti

Hate is not the opposite of love apathy is.

- Rollo May

Addiction brings apathy. Break the apathy, and you break the addiction.

- Mango Wodzak, Destination Eden

Apathy is sustainable only as long as injustice doesn't harm us--and we don't care that it's harming others. Apathy lasts only until injustice knocks on our door, and we're forced to look into its eyes.

- Ken Wytsma, Pursuing Justice: The Call to Live and Die for Bigger Things

Government is at its worst when you have apathy from its citizens.

- Jesse Ventura

We may not choose apathy, but when we choose anything other than love and empathetic justice, we get apathy by default.

- Ken Wytsma, Pursuing Justice: The Call to Live and Die for Bigger Things

Apathy is unconditional surrender where we are driven into hiding by unrealistic fear, and firmly held there by the misinformed belief that we are helpless to do anything other than hide. Therefore, apathy survives solely on lies and can be completely abated by truth.

- Craig D. Lounsbrough

In communications, familiarity breeds apathy.

- William Bernbach

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