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Intriguing isn't it? One day you are the king of your world. And the next day, you stand aside, watching it all burn. Ashes slipping out of your hand, you just stand and stare, your glassy gaze fixed on something no one else could see, no one else could know...People will talk as people do talk. And they will walk over the ashes. And the ashes will dance in front of you, reminding you every second of what was and what might have been. And you will almost give in.But my advice is, don’t give in. Because one day, you will decide to turn the corner. Put it all behind you. Just stand strong and still as the great wind comes and takes all the ashes away with with it, leaving fresh air behind. Fresh for you to make a new world, a better world.

- Aleena Yasin

You want to brawl. You want to fight. Fighting tricks you into believing you can change the past, even when the past is dead and gone and all of it ashes.

- Ilsa J. Bick, Ashes

From ashes I cameTo ashes, I'll return.But tonight I'm contentTo sit here and burn.

- C.B. Roberts

She stood above the sink and broke the Swarovski glass frame – a wedding gift – with her hands. Her thumb got cut. As blood drops fell into the sink, like mercury balls she thought, she lit the photo on fire. Ashes fell into the sink. Fire and vermilion. Ashes and blood. Her marriage from start to finish.

- Meghna Pant, One and a Half Wife

When surrounded by the ashes of all that I once cherished, despite my best efforts I can find no room to be thankful. But standing there amidst endless ash I must remember that although the ashes surround me, God surrounds the ashes. And once that realization settles upon me, I am what I thought I could never be ... I am thankful for ashes.

- Craig D. Lounsbrough

I would make a poor princess,' she said. 'Why?''Have you ever wished to be a princess?' Ash challenged her. 'That depends,' Kaisa said. 'On what?''On whether I'd have to marry a prince,' she said and her tone was lighthearted, inviting Ash to share her smile.

- Malinda Lo, Ash

It was the damnedest thing, life. Once you decide exactly how things are going to go, something or someone comes along and messes it all up.

- Jenny Trout, Ashes to Ashes

Dust to dust, ashes to ashes. Is that all?

- Dejan Stojanovic

Meghan,” whispered a voice, heart wrenchingly familiar, drawing me out of the void. I recognized it immediately, just as I realized it was a figment of my desperate imagination, because the real owner of that voice would never be here, talking to me.Ash?“Wake up,” he murmured, his deep voice cutting through the layers of the darkness. “Don’t do this. If you don’t come out of this soon, you’ll fade away and drift forever. Fight it. Come back to us.”I didn’t want to wake up. There was nothing but pain waiting for me in the real world. If I was asleep, I couldn’t feel anything. If I was asleep, I didn’t have to face Ash and the cold contempt on his face when he looked at me. Darkness was my retreat, my sanctuary. I drew back from Ash’s voice, deeper into the comforting blackness. And, through the layer of dreams and delirium, I heard a quiet sob.“Please.” A hand gripped mine, real and solid, anchoring me to the present. “I know what you must think of me, but…” The voice broke off, took a ragged breath. “Don’t leave,” it whispered. “Meghan, don’t go. Come back to me.

- Julie Kagawa, The Iron Daughter

Eden Ashe > Quotes > Quotable Quote(edit)“She shifted in his pocket, pressing her back against his chest. "It's iron."Instead of walking into the elevator, he glanced down at her. If he kept craning his neck this way, he was going to have a hell of a nasty headache by the time he made it home. Not to mention the looks he was getting from his taff for talking to himself, he was going to end up in a psych hold if this kept up....”"We're on the tenth floor. I'm not taking the damn stairs....""...I'm not talking to myself. I have a fairy in my pocket who's afraid of elevators.

- Eden Ashe

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