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Do what you were called to do and guard your calling

- Sunday Adelaja

Calling is connection: Uncovering our calling is a deliberate choice to serve others and to make a difference in the world. Our calling is made manifest in service to is paradoxical but true; we are more likely to receive the meaning and fulfillment we seek when we enable others to achieve the meaning and fulfillment they seek, as well.

- David Shapiro, Work Reimagined: Uncover Your Calling

Adventures call a valiant few, happenstance calls many.

- Anastasia Bolinder

Your calling is calling you, are you answering?

- Rob Liano

We are not wise enough, pure enough, or strong enough to aim and sustain such a single motive over a lifetime. That way lies fanaticism or failure. But if the single motive is the master motivation of God's calling, the answer is yes. In any and all situations, both today and tomorrow's tomorrow, God's call to us is the unchanging and ultimate whence, what, why, and whither of our lives. Calling is a 'yes' to God that carries a 'no' to the chaos of modern demands. Calling is the key to tracing the story line of our lives and unriddling the meaning of our existence in a chaotic world.

- Os Guinness, The Call: Finding and Fulfilling the Central Purpose of Your Life

When your destiny is calling, answer The call.

- Jeanette Coron

A call to duty, a call for service.

- Lailah Gifty Akita, Think Great: Be Great!

Calling resists privatization by insisting on the totality of faith. Calling resists politicization by demanding a tension with every human allegiance and association. Calling resists polarization by requiring an attitude toward, and action in, society that is inevitably transforming because it is constantly engaged. Grand Christian movements will rise and fall. Grand campaigns will be mounted and grand coalitions assembled. But all together such coordinated efforts will never match the influence of untold numbers of followers of Christ living out their callings faithfully across the vastness and complexity of modern society.

- Os Guinness, The Call: Finding and Fulfilling the Central Purpose of Your Life

Behind every specific call, whether it is to teach or preach or write or encourage or comfort, there is a deeper call that gives shape to the first: the call to give ourselves away - the call to die.

- Michael Card, The Walk: The Life-changing Journey of Two Friends

The problem in most situations is not a lack of calling but a fear of responding to the call.

- Michael Meade, Fate and Destiny, The Two Agreements of the Soul

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