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The asymmetry of power that cuteness revolves around is another compelling reminder of how aesthetic categories register social conflict. There can be no experience of any person or object as cute that does not somehow call up the subject’s sense of power over those who are less powerful. But, as Lori Merish underscores, the fact that the cute object seems capable of making an affective demand on the subject—a demand for care that the subject is culturally as well as biologically compelled to fulfill—is already a sign that “cute” does not just denote a static power differential, but rather a dynamic and complex power struggle.

- Sianne Ngai

Nick stands behind me. He puts a hand on my waist.I yank in a breath. The world seems to swirl around me.“Are you going to faint?” he asks.I back into him and blurt, “But you’re so cute. Werewolves aren’t supposed to be cute. Vampires are, I think. They are in the movies. But the werewolves are pretty much ugly and they wear leather jackets and are all dirty with these monster sideburns.”“That’s all you have to say? That I’m cute?” He takes a stray piece of my hair and curls it around his fingers. “Most people faint or shriek or never talk to me again.

- Carrie Jones, Need

He gave me a warm smile, and I blinked, realizing he was cute. I'd never really hadthe luxury of noticing cuteness or lack thereof in guys. Mostly it was the lethal/nonlethal distinction that I went with

- James Patterson, School's Out—Forever

Gregori was the one who came up with the idea about human psychic women, and I’m certain he’s right. You and your mother support his theory. He also thinks there’s something in the Carpathian woman’s chemistry that makes it nearly impossible for the female chromosome to beat out the male.” “Wouldn’t you know he’d think it was the woman,” Shea sniffed contemptuously. “More than likely the men determine the sex, just like in humans, and they just can’t produce girls.” She grinned at Raven. “The men bring about their own destruction.” Raven laughed. “Mikhail would never let me speak to you again if he could hear us. He thinks I’m too independent and disrespectful already.” She shrugged carelessly. “It’s probably true, but it’s a lot of fun. I love the way he gets that pained look on his face. He’s so cute.” “Cute? I’ll bet he likes that description.

- Christine Feehan, Dark Desire

She might be the Archive, but she's still a kid, Kincaid."He frowned and looked at me. "So?""So? Kids like cute."He blinked at me. "Cute?""Come on."I led him downstairs.On the lower level of the Oceanarium there's an inner ring of exhibits, too, containing both penguins and--wait for it--sea otters.I mean, come on, sea otters. They open abalone with rocks while floating on their backs.How much cuter does it get than small, fuzzy, floating, playful tool users with big, soft brown eyes?

- Jim Butcher, Small Favor

I mean you're cute, but not that cute. Would Rhea really risk life in a maximum security detention unit just so that she could press herself against your manly body?

- Malorie Blackman, Noble Conflict

Maybe I'll just give up on boys. Okay, maybe not. I mean they're just so cute!

- Jillian Dodd, That Boy

When a guy tells me I'm cute, it's not something desirable. Cute is more like what you want your pet to be.

- Natalie Portman

You have no idea how cute you look with all those snowflakes in your hair,” he murmured.“And you look cute with hypothermia. I hope to God you can get a real coat while you’re here.

- Richelle Mead, The Fiery Heart

I glanced back to Yanni to see him smiling at us. "You two can stop being so cute now." "Well, Spencer can," Andrew deadpanned. "I, unfortunately, am cute all the time." I laughed. "It's true. He is.

- N.R. Walker, Spencer Cohen, Book Three

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