darkness Quotes

In Light there is Dark, and in Dark there is Light.

- Kami Garcia, Beautiful Darkness

There is the darkness that frightens, the darkness that soothes, the darkness that is restful.

- Sarah J. Maas, A Court of Mist and Fury

Dark is dark in the darkness.

- Chet Williamson, Murder in Cormyr

And the Light shineth in darkness

- and the darkness comprehended it notJohn 1:5 And the Light shineth in darkness

...new life starts in the dark. Whether it is a seed in the ground, a baby in the womb, or Jesus in the tomb, it starts in the dark.

- Barbara Brown Taylor, Learning to Walk in the Dark

You can't see the light without darkness, take a look at the dark side of another point of view, you will find the meaning of darkness are essentially

- Eldy Reynanda

This means, in a way, that true light is dependent on the presence of other lights. Take the others away and darkness results. Yet the reverse is not true: take away darkness and there is only more darkness. Darkness can exist by itself. Light cannot.

- N.K. Jemisin, The Broken Kingdoms

Darkness is more than a shade of nightfall. It is a feeling as though there has been an eclipse not only within what should be a vibrant life inside you but in all that is good around you.

- Andrew Kendall, The Dark Dictionary: A Guide to Help Eradicate Your Darkness, Restore Your Light, and Redefine Your Life.

To die this way seems so random, so trivial. I have been robbed of meaning before being robbed of life. To die in darkness, alone -- for what purpose was I ever alive. It is as if I emerged from darkness into delusion, then sank back into darkness forever.

- Carolyn Ives Gilman, Dark Orbit

All Darkness was one darkness in the end. Of heart or Heavens, one Darkness.

- Clive Barker, Cabal

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