dissapointment Quotes

once your get your hopes up, your mind starts acting on its own. And when your hopes are dashed you get dissapointed, and dissapointment leads to a feeling of helplessness. You get careless and let your guard down. And right now, she though, that si the last thing I can afford.

- Haruki Murakami

They thrived on the rapid turnover of acquaintances, the lack of involvement with others, and the total self-sufficiency of lives which, needing nothing, were never dissapointed.

- J.G. Ballard, High-Rise

–Don’t you think the vast majority of the chaos in the world is caused by a relatively small group of disappointed men?–––I don’t know. Could be.–The men who haven’t gotten the work they expected to get. The men who don’t get the promotion they expected. The men who are dropped in a jungle or a desert and expected video games and got mundanity and depravity and friends dying like animals. These men can’t be left to mix with the rest of society. Something bad always happens.

- Dave Eggers, Your Fathers, Where Are They? And the Prophets, Do They Live Forever?

Tomorrow, you promise yourself, things will be different, yet, tomorrow is too often a repetition of today. And you disappoint yourself again and again.

- James T. McCay

If I tell you not to follow me, it ain't because I hate you, kiddo.I just don't want you feel dissapointed...when seeing the truth.

- Toba Beta, My Ancestor Was an Ancient Astronaut

Disappointment is the end of an illusion.

- Kristian Goldmund Aumann, From Poet's Hand

One would think after all the disappointment life offers us unfortunate few we would give up the trifles connected with hope, feeling, belief and optimism in our fellow souls.

- Daleen Van Tonder

Can't even feel dissapointed when seeingheaven ain't as wonderful as ever expected.

- Toba Beta, Master of Stupidity

I wasn't disappointed. My expectations had been met.

- John Green, Looking for Alaska

Every time my dreams threaten to become reality, something always happens and I end up alone.

- Jane Green, Swapping Lives

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