distance Quotes

Distance was a dangerous thing, she knew. Distance changed people.

- Rohinton Mistry, A Fine Balance

He watched her for several minutes. Something was stirred in him, something not accounted for by the warm smell of the afternoon or the triumphant vividness of red. He felt persistently that the girl was beautiful — then of a sudden he understood: it was her distance, not a rare and precious distance of soul but still distance, if only in terrestrial yards. The autumn air was between them, and the roofs and the blurred voices. Yet for a not altogether explained second, posing perversely in time, his emotion had been nearer to adoration than in the deepest kiss he had ever known.

- F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Beautiful and Damned

Don't allow distance to truly separate you. Make your love last beyond the distance.

- Nisla Love

She: Why was there a distance between you and me?He: Distance makes us realize how much we miss someone.She: Did you realize that?He: I did.She: How much did you miss me?He: Every breath of mine had your name in it!

- Avijeet Das

For many years, I have been moved by the blue at the far edge of what can be seen, that color of horizons, of remote mountain ranges, of anything far away. The color of that distance is the color of an emotion, the color of solitude and of desire, the color of there seen from here, the color of where you are not. And the color of where you can never go. For the blue is not in the place those miles away at the horizon, but in the atmospheric distance between you and the mountains.“Longing,” says the poet Robert Hass, “because desire is full of endless distances.” Blue is the color of longing for the distances you never arrive in, for the blue world.

- Rebecca Solnit, A Field Guide to Getting Lost

And so man, as existing transcendence abounding in and surpassing toward possibilities, is a creature of distance. Only through the primordial distances he establishes toward all being in his transcendence does a true nearness to things flourish in him.

- Martin Heidegger, The Essence of Reasons

The world needs someone they can admire from a distance

- from a very far distance.

To love purely is to consent to distance, it is to adore the distance between ourselves and that which we love.

- Simone Weil, Gravity and Grace

if you keep a distance to get a respect, keep a distance to keep the respect

- Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Indeed, I find that distance lends perspective and I often write better of a place when I am some distance from it. One can be so overwhelmed by the forest as to miss seeing the trees.

- Louis L'Amour, Education of a Wandering Man

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