fighting Quotes

What is important is not to fight, but to fight the right enemy

- Bangambiki Habyarimana, The Great Pearl of Wisdom

A threat leads to nothing if it is not accepted. In fighting the good fight, you should never forget that. Just as you should never forget that both attacking and fleeing are part of the fight. What isn't a part of the fight is becoming paralyzed by fear.

- Paulo Coelho, The Pilgrimage

Love was not enough to fight or i was not worth for fight.

- Arzum Uzun

My name Quan. Quan Nguyen. This Kim-Ly, wife. We next door. Do nails. We with Mr. Blaylock. He fight, we fight. We come here from Viet Nam. This good country, but sometimes, good people in good country have to fight.

- Dan Groat, An Enigmatic Escape: A Trilogy

My goal is to show girls that I'm fighting so they don't have to, so they don't have to fight the same battles, so they don't have to fight for wage equality or whatever it may be.

- Alex Morgan

With time we will all stop fighting pimples and start fighting wrinkles.

- Moffat Machingura, How I Kissed Heartbreak Goodbye

What if I have nothing left to fight for? I say, my voice shaking."Then you fight until you find something to fight for. But the moment you stop fighting the current, the moment you surrender to it, that's when you are truly lost.

- Sherry D. Ficklin

There’s nothing wrong with fighting when you have no choice. As a matter of fact, it’s what you should do, but when you fight, fight to win.

- Dan Groat, A Punctual Paymaster

Love was not enough to fight or I was not worth to fight.

- Arzum Uzun

Fighting the good fight is not as easy when you’re fighting alone.

- Joan Ambu

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