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Death will paint everything a different shade of remorse. You’ll feel guilty that you’re still breathing. But you can’t stop.You’ll feel guilty for wanting to laugh again. And it will be awful the first time that you do. You’ll feel guilty for just about everything at first.And someday, at some point, you’ll start to feel guilty . . . for forgetting to feel guilty.But of all Heaven’s lessons, guilt isn’t one of them. You don’t need to hold on to it. It doesn’t need to be a practice and it shouldn’t be your life. Heaven would never approve of your guilt.Because Heaven has no regrets.

- Tessa Shaffer, Heaven Has No Regrets

They teach you, as children, that you might go to heaven. They never teach you that heaven might come to you.

- Mitch Albom, The First Phone Call from Heaven

I’d once heard a spiritual “riddle” that went like this: “What’s the only thingin heaven that’s the same as it was on earth?”The answer: the wounds in Jesus’ hands and feet.

- Todd Burpo, Heaven is for Real: A Little Boy's Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back

He that asks me what heaven is, means not to hear me, but to silence me; He knows I cannot tell him; when I meet him there, I shall be able to tell him, and then he will be as able to tell me; yet then we shall be but able to tell one another, this, this that we enjoy is heaven, but the tongues of angels, the tongues of glorified saints, shall not be able to express what that heaven is; for, even in heaven our faculties shall be finite.

- John Donne, John Donne - The Major Works: Including Songs and Sonnets and Sermons

There are three heavens. The first heaven is the earth and the world of mankind, and the third heaven is where God dwells. However, the second heaven is a place of time and space, where both demons and angels tread, plot, and fight against each other.

- Alan Kinross, Longinus the Vampire: Redemption

The heavens declare the glory of God.The heavens declare the majesty King.The heavens declare the marvellous Lord.The heavens declare the mighty Saviour.

- Lailah Gifty Akita, Think Great: Be Great!

No ancient Jew was ever promised, or expected, a heavenly life. That was a wild and outrageous teaching of Jesus. Holy text never offers a heavenly hope--before Jesus. Think about it: No matter how faithful Adam would have been, he could never graduate to heaven. Going to heaven was a 'Jesus teaching.' It simply does not exist in Torah.pg xxvii

- Michael Ben Zehabe, Song of Songs The Book for Daughters

And this time as the lashes come, try to think about the pain, instead of against it, because there is not one single aspect of life, past, present, or future, that does not tear your reason from you, to think on it. So think about the pain. This pain after all has its limits. You can chart its passage through your body. It has a beginning, middle, end. Imagine if it had a color. The first cut of the lash is what, red? Red, spreading into a brilliant yellow. And this one again, red, red, no yellow, and then white, white, white, white. . .Why have you incarcerated yourself in this palazzo of torture chambers, why do you not leave this place? Because you are a monster and this is a school for monsters, and if you leave here, then you will be completely, completely alone! Alone with this!Don't weep in front of these strangers. Swallow it down. Don't weep in front of these strangers! Cry to heaven, cry to heaven, cry to heaven.

- Anne Rice, Cry to Heaven

All the way to heaven is heaven.’ It is not just about the happy ending, but making every step along the way matter. It is a good way to live a life, do you think?

- Becky Doughty, All the Way to Heaven

Heaven. You. Your beauty and peace. In all small details. From which, I bite with hunger, small seconds revealed...on this Earth. You Heaven. I am longing after you continously, with so much hunger, with so much missing...craving after you and full with the hope and the desire to get more seconds from you Today. Next hour. Next minute. You...Heaven. The love and beauty and everything that addresses you with everything. You...Heaven.

- Viorica Dragotel

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