lying Quotes

The wise thing is for us diligently to train ourselves to lie thoughtfully, judiciously; to lie with a good object, and not an evil one; to lie for others' advantage, and not our own; to lie healingly, charitably, humanely, not cruelly, hurtfully, maliciously; to lie gracefully and graciously, not awkwardly and clumsily; to lie firmly, frankly, squarely, with head erect, not haltingly, tortuously, with pusillanimous mien, as being ashamed of our high calling.

- Mark Twain, On the Decay of the Art of Lying

We don't lie to protect the other person. We lie to protect ourselves from the consequences. We lie because we don't want to deal with our own feelings. We lie because we don't want things to change. Not by our hand. So a wall starts to build.

- Elisa Marie Hopkins, A Diamond in the Rough

Of course, the liar often imagines that he does no harm as long as his lies go undetected. But the one lied to almost never shares this view. The moment we consider our dishonesty from the point of view of those we lie to, we recognize that we would feel betrayed if the roles were reversed.

- Sam Harris, Lying

That a lie which is half a truth is ever the blackest of lies That a lie which is all a lie may be met and fought with outright - But a lie which is part a truth is a harder matter to fight.'

- Lord Alfred Tennyson

I lie about lying, which means I can lie

- Alex

Honesty can force any dysfunction in your life to the surface. Are you in an abusive relationship? A refusal to lie to others – How did you get that bruise? – would oblige you to come to grips with this situation very quickly. Do you have a problem with drugs or alcohol? Lying is the lifeblood of addiction. If we have no recourse to lies, our lives can unravel only so far without others noticing.Telling the truth can also reveal ways in which we want to grow but haven’t.

- Sam Harris, Lying

Sometimes you lie to deceive people. Sometimes you lie because you need the lie to become the truth.

- Rick Riordan, The Ship of the Dead

We contradict all for which we stand for we all stand for the lie the whole lie and nothing but the lie so help save our lying asses.

- Brian Spellman

Who lies for you will lie against you.

- Bosnian Proverb

Lies is lying the memory from the truth

- Ahmad Rahmat Ramadhan

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