obscurity Quotes

While fame impedes and constricts, obscurity wraps about a man like a mist; obscurity is dark, ample, and free; obscurity lets the mind take its way unimpeded. Over the obscure man is poured the merciful suffusion of darkness. None knows where he goes or comes. He may seek the truth and speak it; he alone is free; he alone is truthful, he alone is at peace.

- Virginia Woolf

This poem has been called obscure. I refuse to believe that it is obscurer than pity, violence, or suffering. But being a poem, not a lifetime, it is more compressed.

- Dylan Thomas

Everyone has a kind of limitation respectively. Leaders don’t allow their own to obscure them in a small corner.

- Israelmore Ayivor, Leaders' Ladder

Notoriety wasn't as good as fame, but was heaps better than obscurity.

- Neil Gaiman, Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch

Obscurity is a good thing. You can fail in obscurity. It removes the fear of failure.

- Jason Fried

When you are isolated and obscured, your achievements may be wonderful but unknown.

- Israelmore Ayivor, Shaping the dream

I cannot deal with obscurity for more than a few decades before I get the worst ache in my chest.

- Thomm Quackenbush, Flies to Wanton Boys

I spent a long time writing in obscurity. You'll spend a long time writing in obscurity.

- Dan Kennedy

I give the fight up let there be an end A privacy an obscure nook for me I want to be forgotten even by God.

- Elizabeth Barrett Browning

I believe that if markets were hidden deep in obscured places, it would definitely be impossible for some people to get there to make transactions! If you secluded yourself out of sight, your dreams cannot go that far!

- Israelmore Ayivor, The Great Hand Book of Quotes

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