sparks Quotes

Artistry is the dance of color & form, whether visual, musical, or sparked in the imagination by the written word.

- Cathryn Louis, Sparks

Most fires made by underestimated sparks, the greatness fire inside ourselves is lit by the spark of the change, came across a small corner in our souls where the conscience still whispering.

- Ammar Moussa (عمار موسى), رحلة إلى ما وراء القمة

How far would you go to keep the hope of love alive?

- Nicholas Sparks, The Choice

When God had made The Man, he made him out of stuff that sung all the time and glittered all over. Some angels got jealous and chopped him into millions of pieces, but still he glittered and hummed. So they beat him down to nothing but sparks but each little spark had a shine and a song. So they covered each one over with mud. And the lonesomeness in the sparks make them hunt for one another.

- Zora Neale Hurston, Their Eyes Were Watching God

Mom used to say that the thoughts in our heads were nothing more than electrical impulses. I remember Dad and her talking about this over dinner. It frustrated Dad that the human brain can fire electrical sparks and think, but that the electricity he’d pump into an android brain would never give it independent thought. The body isn’t that different from a machine. Humans and androids both run on electricity.That lightning spark of energy I saw in the reverie.That was my mother’s last thought, an echo of electricity, something that sparked when I entered her dreamscape.That spark is gone now. Her life is gone now. Everything that made her, her, is gone now. Faded into nothing.

- Beth Revis, The Body Electric

It's funny, but have you ever noticed that the more special something is, the more people seem to take it for granted? It's like they think it won't ever change. Just like this house here. All it ever needed was a little attention, and it would never have ended up like this in the first place.

- Nicholas Sparks, The Wedding

Every time I read to her, it was like I was courting her, because sometimes, just sometimes, she would fall in love with me again, just like she had a long time ago. And that's the most wonderful feeling in the world. How many people are ever given that chance? To have someone you love fall in love with you over and over?

- Nicholas Sparks, The Wedding

A series of howls and war cries echoed through the camp....The werewolves and Japanese had attacked."-pg.353 Forbidden Nights with a Vampire Kerrelyn Sparks

- Kerrelyn Sparks

My daddy said, that the first time you fall in love, it changes you forever and no matter how hard you try, that feeling just never goes away.

- Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook

it only takes sparks to light a fire

- Carrie Hope Fletcher, On the Other Side

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