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These tears are proof that there is love in the world. Tears are only bitter when we cry selfishly for ourselves. When we deny and forget the sweet love that tears are made of. When we let sorrow turn to anger. When people cry for each other, it is a good thing. Always remember that you are a human being, connected to all other human beings. When you cry for others you are opening your heart to God, who must see what we do and weep for us, too, for the suffering we cause to one another and to ourselves.

- Nafisa Haji, The Sweetness of Tears

I want to drown in my tears,And my tears are my prayers.

- Luffina Lourduraj

Silent tears are the worst. It's the sign of a broken spirit. No sound, no residual emotions... just tears. Silent, unstoppable tears.

- N.R. Walker, Spencer Cohen, Book Two

I stood there in the shadowed doorway thinking with my tears. Yes, tears can be thoughts, why not?

- Louise Erdrich, The Round House

And our tears are an expression of that which we cannot express. Tears are perfect prayer.

- Ronald Chapman, What A Wonderful World: Seeing Through New Eyes

If tears of sorrow are the echoes of things lost, what then are tears of joy?

- Tyra Lynn, Tempus

Tears are good for you," Raphael said. When she opened her eyes back up, he knelt down. His large frame seemed to make the room shrink. His face was almost level with hers as his eyes met Emma's. "They are a gift from the Creator to his creation. Tears release endorphins in the mind that help sooth and comfort. They cleanse the eyes and relieve stress, thereby lowering blood pressure and taking strain off of the heart. He created you with tears and nothing he created is bad. Those tears you are holding in are necessary, Emma. Let them fall, let them heal, and let them remind you with each one that you are not alone.

- Quinn Loftis, Dream of Me

What is the weight of a tear? The single tear falls when the buckets have stopped, when dry eyes and a slightly raised chin sometimes let it slip, like a prayer. It carries the weight of a lifetime.

- Wendy Murray, Facing Forward

I ran outta tears of sadness when I was 20 & all I got left is tears of joy.

- Genereux Philip

Truth about tears is that , most tears are the result of a delusion

- Pop Samuel

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