unrequited Quotes

The only thing sadder than unrequited love is being in a relationship where there is unrequited love.

- Shannon L. Alder

unrequited love is the most selfless love.

- Stefanie Sta. Maria

I'm the absolute queen bee of unrequited love.

- Iris Murdoch, The Sacred and Profane Love Machine

Unrequited love is a ridiculous state, and it makes those in it behave ridiculously.

- Cassandra Clare

What an unrequited love it is, this thirst! But is it love, when it is unrequited?

- Eleanor Catton, The Luminaries

We were talking nonsense, and I said something silly about unrequited love, and he became very serious, and he stopped me, and he said that unrequited love was not possible; that it was not love. He said that love must be freely given, and freely taken, such that the lovers, in joining, make equal halves of something whole.

- Eleanor Catton, The Luminaries

There is something strangely ecstatic, oddly fascinating and infinitely magnetic about unrequited love.

- Arshpreet Kaur

Unrequited love is a billion times less intolerable than unrequited hate.

- Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Her voice is raw. She sings from the deepest cracks of her heart and her soul. When she closes her eyes, I know she has lost herself in the music. - Unrequited

- Alisa Mullen, Unrequited

Inadequate love is love. Unrequited love is love.

- Lan Samantha Chang, All is Forgotten, Nothing is Lost

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