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An Army wife is probably the only woman in the world whoknows and readily accepts that she is the mistress, because, let’sface it, the Army is the wife and the wife gets all the damnattention!

- Aditi Mathur Kumar, Soldier and Spice - An Army Wife's Life

You become a man when you marry not just for love but to be a partner with your wife. To be the best man you can be with her, and when you fall short, to admit your shortcomings and to constantly strive to be a great man to your wife.

- Carew Papritz, The Legacy Letters: his Wife, his Children, his Final Gift

A woman has to change her nature if she is to be a wife. She has to learn to curb her tongue, to suppress her desires, to moderate her thoughts and to spend her days putting another first. She has to put him first even when she longs to serve herself or her children. She has to put him first even if she longs to judge for herself. She has to put him first even when she knows best. To be a good wife is to be a woman with a will of iron that you yourself have forged into a bridle to curb your own abilities. To be a good wife is to enslave yourself to a lesser person. To be a good wife is to amputate your own power as surely as the parents of beggars hack off their children's feet for the greater benefit of the family.

- Philippa Gregory, The Other Queen

I love my wife to death. I mean my ex-wife.

- Stewart Rahr

Of all the roles she’d played – daughter, student, employee, sister and wife – wife was the smallest and in proportion the most difficult, as though it had run out of steam with its own scale. The word ‘wife’ was too small to accommodate its responsibility.

- Meghna Pant, One and a Half Wife

Never advise a man against his wife or a wife against his husband. When they come together again you will be the archenemy. When they separate, the fault will all be yours

- Bangambiki Habyarimana, The Great Pearl of Wisdom

The reason I keep talking about a wife and saying the word 'wife' on stage is because it seems a funny word to me. The more you say it, the more it seems to detach from that person and become this sort of abstract thing: that you would set out to find a wife, that it would be an objective like buying a new car.

- Stephen Merchant

There is strong. There is Army Strong. And then there is Army Wife Strong.

- Aditi Mathur Kumar, Soldier and Spice - An Army Wife's Life

A righteous wife is a respectful wife.

- Habeeb Akande

I was sad to see anybody leave, we had a very nice family on that show. I was very sad to see momma go, Victoria and especially Linda. My god that was my wife on the show, in fact my wife calls her wife.

- Larry Hagman

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