youth Quotes

Crabbed age and youth cannot live together Youth is full of pleasure age is full of care Youth like summer morn age like winter weather Youth like summer brave age like winter bare. Youth is full sport age's breath is short Youth is nimble age is lame Youth is hot and bold age is weak and cold Youth is wild age is tame. Age I do abhor thee youth I do adore thee.

- William Shakespeare

Who can know the heart of youth but youth itself?

- Patti Smith, Just Kids

whilst you are a youth, think about the aged; whilst you are an aged, think about the youth

- Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

I do beseech you to direct your efforts more to preparing youth for the path and less to preparing the path for the youth.

- Ben Lindsey

One could say Youth is power of country then my question is-who is youth?sorry to say but you are not youth. Youth is your thoughts, your inspiration and Your initiatives. So take a step to make a change

- Prakhar Srivastav

…but youth yearned to youth.

- L.M. Montgomery, Anne's House of Dreams

Forty is the old age of youth fifty is the youth of old age.

- French proverb

O youth! The strenght of it, the faith of it, the imagination of it! (...) I think of her with pleasure, with affection, with regret - as you would think of some one dead you have loved. I shall never forget her.... Pass the bottle.

- Joseph Conrad, Youth

This is a youth-oriented society and the joke is on them because youth is a disease from which we all recover.

- Anonymous

For at this stage in our youth we can hold two kinds of anticipation of love, which seem contradictory and yet coexist and reinforce each other. We can dream delicately because even to imagine it is to touch one of the most sacred of our hopes, of searching for the other part of ourselves, of the other being who will make us whole, of the ultimate and transfiguring union. At the same time we can gloat over any woman, become insatiably curious about the brute facts of the pleasures which we are then learning or which are just to come. In that phase we are coarse and naked, and anyone who has forgotten his youth will judge that we are too tangled with the flesh ever to forget ourselves in the ecstasy of romantic love. But in fact, at this stage in one's youth, the coarseness and nakedness, the sexual preoccupations, the gloating over delights to come, are - in the secret heart where they take place - themselves romantic. They are a promise of joy.

- C.P. Snow, Time of Hope

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