if it doesnt it never was Quotes

She's SINGLE doesnt really mean she's AVAILABLE.She's IN A RELATIONSHIP doesnt really mean she's NOT INTERESTED.She's ENGAGED doesnt really mean IT'S OVER.IT'S JUST COMPLICATED untill she's MARRIED!

- Emmanuel Aghado

Slavery has been outlawed in most arab countries for years now but there are villages in jordan made up entirely of descendants of runaway Saudi slaves. Abdulrahman knows he might be free, but hes still an arab. No one ever wants to be the arab - its too old and too tragic, too mysterious and too exasperating, and too lonely for anyone but an actual arab to put up with for very long. Essentially, its an image problem. Ask anyone, Persian, Turks, even Lebanese and Egyptians - none of them want to be the arab. They say things like, well, really we're indo-russian-asian european- chaldeans, so in the end the only one who gets to be the arab is the same little old bedouin with his goats and his sheep and his poetry about his goats and his sheep, because he doesnt know that he's the arab, and what he doesnt know wont hurt him.

- Diana Abu-Jaber, Crescent

Be the leader that doesn´t need a title to be followed.

- Alin Sav

God doesnt give you something, someone else is suppose to have.

- Tyrese Gibson

I need the money, people are very coy about money, and the ladies arent just coy, they are sci fi about money……people ask, well, dont sweet things happen? yes, indeed, many sweet things, but sweet doesnt keep you from dying, making love doesnt keep you from dying unless you get paid, writing doesnt keep you from dying unless you get paid, being wise doesnt keep you from dying unless you get paid, facts are facts, being poor makes you face facts which also does not keep you from dying.

- Andrea Dworkin

He falls in love because he doesnt want to.

- Gwen Calvo

Doesn´t matter who you are or what you believe. Everybody has a ghost story

- Robin Parrish, Nightmare

Someone asked me why does bad thing happen to good people?My answer: because when bad thing happens to bad nobody sees it. When something bad happens to a bad man there is no difference but when it happens to a good person people will know. Satan doesn´t advertise good things because that is not his job. His job is to steal, kill and destroy. The devil doesn´t talk good of good people but good people should always talk of something that is good.

- Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder

The market doesn´t care about titles.

- Alin Sav

I never trust a fighting man who doesnt smoke or drink.

- William Halsey

You focus on telling stories,
we do everything else.