marissa meyer Quotes

Even if I believed I was doing good- for who I am to presume what is good for others?

- Marissa Meyer

Love is a conquest! Love is war!

- Marissa Meyer, Fairest

I'm sure I'll feel much more grateful when I find a guy who thinks complex wiring in a girl is a turn-on.

- Marissa Meyer, Cinder

Iko held up a hand. "You need a system debug if you're suggesting that I would abandon you know.

- Marissa Meyer, Winter

Some say it is better to have eaten and lost than never to have eaten at all.

- Marissa Meyer, Heartless

But her grandmother had never suggested she could think the same of Scarlet. You'll be fine, she always said, after a skinned knee, after a broken arm, after her first youthfull heartbreak. You'll be fine, because you're strong, like me.

- Marissa Meyer, Scarlet

But was the woman's death the tragedy, or her life?

- Marissa Meyer, Stars Above

It is a dangerous thing to unbelieve something only because it frightens you.

- Marissa Meyer, Heartless

Do you think she is?" Her voice trembled. Her heart throbbed as she waited for him to answer. "You think they've killed her?"Every moment wrapped around Scarlet's neck, strangling her, until the only possiblbe word from Wolf's mouth had to be yes. Yes, she was dead. Yes, she was gone. They'd murdered her. These monsters had murdered her.Scarlet pressed her palms into the crate, trying to push through the plastic. "Say it.""No," he murmured, shoulder sinking, "No, I don't think they've killed her. Not yet."Scarlet shivered with relief. She covered her face with both hands, dizzy with the hurricane of emotions. "Thank the stars," she whispered. "Thank you.

- Marissa Meyer, Scarlet

And they all lived happily to the end of their days.

- Marissa Meyer, Winter

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