It is a curious thought, but it is only when you see people looking ridiculous that you realize just how much you love them.

Agatha Christie, An Autobiography

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But who thinks of death in the middle of life?"-Mike RogersEndless Night by Agatha Christie

- Agatha Christie, Endless Night

But when you say crazy, that describes very well what the general appearance may be to ordinary, everyday people.

- Agatha Christie

I absolutely adore Agatha Christie; so much so that when I received a kitten for my Christmas present, I called her Agatha, and I already have a cat called Hercule!

- Kimberley Nixon

I'm sorry, but I do hate this differentiation between the sexes. 'The modern girl has a thoroughly businesslike attitude to life' That sort of thing. It's not a bit true! Some girls are businesslike and some aren't. Some men are sentimental and muddle-headed, others are clear-headed and logical. There are just different types of brains.

- Agatha Christie, Appointment with Death

Sensationalism dies quickly, fear is long-lived.

- Agatha Christie, Death in the Clouds

Your idea of a woman is someone who gets on a chair and shrieks if she sees a mouse. That's all prehistoric.

- Agatha Christie

Poetry is not the most important thing in life... I'd much rather lie in a hot bath reading Agatha Christie and sucking sweets.

- Dylan Thomas

The man who came into the room did not look as though his name was, or could have ever been, Robinson. It might have been Demetrius, or Isaacstein, or Perenna - though not one or the other in particular. He was not definitely Jewish, nor definitely Greek nor Portugese nor Spanish, nor South American. What did seem highly unlikely was that he was an Englishman called Robinson.

- Agatha Christie

When the sea goes down, there will come from the mainland boats and men. And they will find ten dead bodies and an unsolved problem on Indian Island.

- Agatha Christie, And Then There Were None

Intuition is like reading a word without having to spell it out. A child can't do that because it has had so little experience. A grown-up person knows the word because they've seen it often before.

- Agatha Christie, Murder at the Vicarage

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