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Character is a lack of doubt, character is stubbornly persevering in an intention no matter how senseless it is, character is a lack of imagination, character is inborn dullness, character is the misfortune of humanity.

- Tadeusz Konwicki, A Minor Apocalypse

Remember how I told you that a person’s conduct is the first hint we have of a person’s character. Sometimes that’s all we have a chance to see. Their conduct is a manifestation of their character. You agreed. Remember, Dr. King? That was going to be part of the speech, and that’s going to help out a lot of people—black and white—in the future if you include those words.

- Glen Shuld, The Color of Character

How did you act when all was not good? Did you rise to the challenge? Did you display grit, resilience, and integrity in your response? Character isn't about being perfect or always doing the right thing. Character is how you respond to your own failures. It’s when you screw up and life hits you in the mouth that you have an opportunity to reveal your inner strength.

- Bill Courtney, Against the Grain: A Coach's Wisdom on Character, Faith, Family, and Love

He was a character.A character who should still be here. Damn it all to hell.He should still be here.

- Lisa Schroeder, Chasing Brooklyn

The writer's characters must stand before us with a wonderful clarity, such continuous clarity that nothing they do strikes us as improbable behavior for just that character, even when the character's action is, as sometimes happens, something that came as a surprise to the writer himself. We must understand, and the writer before us must understand, more than we know about the character; otherwise neither the writer nor the reader after him could feel confident of the character's behavior when the character acts freely.

- John Gardner, The Art of Fiction: Notes on Craft for Young Writers

Character: our habitual way of operating. HOW we are is WHO we are!

- Dave Anderson, Becoming a Leader of Character: 6 Habits That Make or Break a Leader at Work and at Home

Character has outlived its day. In ancient, primitive times, when biologically weak man struggled against omnipotent nature, character was useful, beneficial; with hideous labor it shoved the heavy stone of human impotence forward. We learned to praise ourselves, to admire character, to prostrate ourselves before it, make a fetish of it. But today no one has the courage to discredit character, although, psychologically speaking, it is now a throwback, simply reactionary.

- Tadeusz Konwicki, A Minor Apocalypse

You must learn to be three people at once: writer, character, and reader.

- Nancy Kress, Characters, Emotion & Viewpoint: Techniques and Exercises for Crafting Dynamic Characters and Effective Viewpoints

It is not what a man gets, But what a man is,That he should think of.He should first think of his character,And then of his condition.He that has character need have no fear of his condition.Character will draw condition after it.

- H.W. Beecher (1813-1887)

My kinfolks thought more about character than about culture. They said culture could be acquired but character had to be formed. Character had to be hammered into shape like hot iron on an anvil. It had to be molded in the most exact and unrelenting form.

- Ben Robertson, Red Hills and Cotton

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