philosophy Quotes

The question of being is the darkest in all philosophy.

- William James, Some Problems of Philosophy: A Beginning of an Introduction to Philosophy

In the battle that is philosophy all the techniques of war, including looting and camouflage, are permissible.

- Louis Althusser, Philosophy and the Spontaneous Philosophy of the Scientists: And Other Essays

Der Zweck der Philosophie ist die logische Klärung der Gedanken.Die Philosophie ist keine Lehre, sondern eine Tätigkeit.Ein philosophisches Werk besteht wesentlich aus Erläuterungen.Das Resultat der Philosophie sind nicht »philosophische Sätze«, sondern das Klarwerden von Sätzen.Die Philosophie soll die Gedanken, die sonst, gleichsam, trübe und verschwommen sind, klar machen und scharf abgrenzen.4.112The object of philosophy is the logical clarification of thoughts.Philosophy is not a theory but an activity.A philosophical work consists essentially of elucidations.The result of philosophy is not a number of "philosophical propositions", but to make propositions clear.Philosophy should make clear and delimit sharply the thoughts which otherwise are, as it were, opaque and blurred.

- Ludwig Wittgenstein, Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus

Philosophy is not a spectator sport.

- Nigel Warburton, Philosophy

Il y a les sachants et les savants: c'est la mémoire qui fait les uns, c'est la philosophie qui fait les autres. La philosophie ne s'apprend pas; la philosophie est la réunion des sciences acquises au génie qui les applique.

- Alexandre Dumas

The physical method becomes a philosophy when it asserts there is no higher knowledge than the empirical knowledge of scientific phenomena. The mathematical method becomes a philosophy when it asserts that some higher knowledge is needed to explain scientific facts, and that higher knowledge is mathematics.

- Fulton J. Sheen, Philosophy of Science

What we do with our lives largely depends on the philosophy of life we have subjected our lives to as a way of living life, and which controls, move and directs our lives!

- Ernest Agyemang Yeboah, Religion, Philosophy and life

No one is absolutely free from religion and philosophy, for the life we live is always under the influence of religion and philosophy!

- Ernest Agyemang Yeboah, Religion, Philosophy and life

pg.90 of Philosophy in the Flesh: We are basing our argument on the existence of at least three stable scientific findings--the embodied mind, the cognitive unconscious, and metaphorical thought. Just as the ideas of cells and DNA in biology are stable and not likely to be found to be mistakes, so we believe that there is more than enough converging evidence to establish at least these three results. Ironically, these scientific results challenge the classical philosophical view of scientific realism, a disembodied objective scientific realism that can be characterized by the following three claims:1. There is a world independent of our understanding of it.2. We can have stable knowledge of it.3. Our very concepts and forms of reason are characterized not by our bodies and brains, but by the external world in itself. It follows that scientific truths are not merely truths as we understand them, but absolute truths. Obiviously, we accept (1) and (2) and we believe that (2) applies to the three findings of cognitive science we are discussing on the basis of converging evidence. But those findings themselves contradict (3).

- George Lakoff, Philosophy in the Flesh: The Embodied Mind and its Challenge to Western Thought

The man who has no tincture of philosophy goes through life imprisoned in the prejudices derived from common sense, from the habitual beliefs of his age or his nation, and from convictions which have grown up in his mind without the cooperation or consent of his deliberate reason.

- Bertrand Russell, The Problems of Philosophy

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