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Truth is like a double edged sword.Truth, as in the colors of the rainbow, are truths, not to be confused with THE TRUTH, which is like LIGHT, all colors and no single color.The Truth is like a tree, with all its fruit, while truths are like the fruit on the tree, part of the whole; parts of The Truth, half-truths.Truth can be true, yet it can also lie.So the question is does truth lead to THE TRUTH, or do truths lead us to a lie ? To see the difference is the key to the gates of Eden.

- Caesar J. B. Squitti, The Jesus Christ Code: The Light: The Rainbow of Truths

There are many kinds of truth: societal truths, religious truths, fundamental truths, scientific truths, and universal truths. Your truth should be what you can trust with your heart.

- Debasish Mridha M.D.

Some truths are truths, no matter who says them.

- Patricia Briggs, Raven's Strike

Human half-truth logic, dates back to Adam and Eve, when he tried to deceive God with a truth, 'we knew we were naked so we hid', leaving God to understand that something was wrong with Adam's logic, because if Adam knew THE TRUTH, he would know that you can't hide from God.

- Caesar J. B. Squitti, The Jesus Christ Code: The Light: The Rainbow of Truths

The Truth is different than human truths; they are like LIGHT.Truths are like a color, absolute and true, while THE TRUTH is all colors and still colorless; the duality of Truth.

- Caesar J. B. Squitti, The Jesus Christ Code: The Light: The Rainbow of Truths

We must return to the first question of philosophy: "Do we want the truth?"We indict others when they ignore it or twist it to their own agendas. But do we honestly want the truth above all else, even when the truth will cost us, even when we must reverse our stance and run the risk of others' derision? Are we willing to radically change our lives in order to pursue it? Are we willing to change, to let go of lifelong, cherished, character-bound beliefs? Are we willing to pay?

- Daniel Ionson, And the Truth Shall Make You Flee: Confronting the Truth-Seekers' Fears and Failures

There is no such thing as 'my truth,' 'your truth,' or 'our truth'; there is only the Truth. And Truth is a Person: His name is Jesus. And it is only He that can set us free.

- Desiree M. Mondesir

Truth starts with truth and ends with truth.

- Santosh Kalwar

Truth is powerful and it prevails.

- Sojourner Truth

The truth is not good or bad, it is just the truth.

- J.B. Thomas, Little Moments Of Truth

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