You are the one girl that made me risk eveything for a future worth having.

Simone Elkeles, Perfect Chemistry

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I gave you my heart, but it wasn't enough.

- Simone Elkeles, Return to Paradise

I write edgy, sexy teen romances, and that's what I'll continue to do.

- Simone Elkeles

Girls like you want to cut guy's nuts off and hang 'em from your rearview mirror.

- Simone Elkeles

Not to alarm you or anything, but I think you just made a deal with a Mexican gang." I've read Simone Elkeles books. I know how this whole garage as a front thing works.

- Tammy Blackwell, Fate Succumbs

But wishes are only granted in fairy tales.

- Simone Elkeles, Perfect Chemistry

You’ve got a big ego, Fuentes.”“That’s not all I’ve got.

- Simone Elkeles

Next time I want to do something nice, slap me.

- Simone Elkeles

He laughs. "Put some clothes on so you don't scare poor Kiara with your morning hard-on."I look down at my shorts. Sure enough, I've got la tengo dura in front of Kiara and Tuck. Shit. I reach out for the first thing I can grab and put it in front of me to shield myself from view. It happens to be one of Kiara's stuffed animals, but I don't have much choice right now."That's Kiara's Mojo," Tuck says, laughing. "Get it? Mojo?

- Simone Elkeles, Rules of Attraction

Tell me what we had was real, I whisper.

- Simone Elkeles

I wonder if it's medically possible to be addicted to another human being.

- Simone Elkeles

You focus on telling stories,
we do everything else.